What Do We Really Mean by “Wellness”?

What Do We Really Mean by “Wellness”?

Wellness is a word we’ve heard more and more in the last 10-15 years. We may encounter this word in hospitals or organizations and places related to healthcare. We might think of "wellness" as meaning good health, but the word means more than that. Healthcare isn’t just about health but also our minds, environment, society, and economic status.

What is “Wellness”? Let's Explore the Wellness Trend

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as activities and lifestyles that promote overall health, covering both body and mind. A focus on prevention involves adjusting our lifestyles with modern medical technology to take care of our overall health and well-being.

Wellness isn’t just about good health. But there are many other dimensions in terms of physical, mental, social integration, and intellectual development.

We can interpret the word’s meaning as well-being across many dimensions: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, professional, financial, and environmental. Each dimension is equally important and is connected to the others.

In Thailand, 77% of deaths from chronic non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are caused by inappropriate lifestyle behaviors, such as an unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, stress, insufficient sleep, smoking, drinking alcohol.

We should take care of our health holistically, such as changing our lifestyle habits appropriately, whether it be eating, exercising, and maintaining our weight within standard limits. Medical technology can increase the efficiency of physical health care.

We need to look after our mental state and mood with a good environment and community. We need to see our worth to create a state of wellness with good health in every dimension. We can thereby reduce the occurrence of various diseases and improve our emotional and mental state. Healthcare in the form of wellness can help prevent disease and, in some cases, can stop chronic symptoms of some non-communicable diseases too.

How Important is Wellness?

Wellness brings benefits to overall health. If we look after our health to achieve wellness, we reduce the risk of various diseases and have good mental health, enjoying life and having a positive effect on the people around us.

Promoting health and well-being is one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted by 2030 by the United Nations. Maintaining good health and promoting well-being for everyone at all ages is essential to sustainable development and is a new goal for the world to jointly promote a healthy lifestyle. There are preventive measures and modern healthcare that can assist everyone. When we have good health, it affects those around us, our family, community, society, economy, industry, country, and the world as a whole.

What Does Wellness Consist Of?

Wellness healthcare focuses on prevention rather than cure, unlike traditional medicine focused on treating occasional illnesses or restoring health and recovering from illness. If we take care of our health with wellness, we can prevent illness and maintain good health with an appropriate lifestyle, living a healthy and happy life.

Wellness or well-being covers many dimensions. which are related and must be considered together.

Emotional Wellness

You’ve probably heard that a poor mental state can affect your health. If we know how to manage our feelings to be satisfied with life, not stressed, not anxious, and able to control our emotional states, recognizing, accepting, and understanding our feelings and those of others, we’ll lead a happier life and be more likely to have good mental health.

Physical Wellness

Not having disease is a great blessing. A disease-free body comes with healthy habits including nutrition and exercise to boost immunity. A good daily routine will help you stay well in the long run.

Social Wellness

The social dimension covers all aspects of relationships and interactions with others. Maintaining good relationships, enjoying being with others, building friendships and relationships with people through positive thinking create a good atmosphere that directly enhances our mental health.

Cognitive Wellness

Intellectual health is a state of health related to brain health, cognition, learning ability, problem solving, and intellectual ability. Curiosity develops knowledge and lifelong learning. Good cognitive abilities improve our overall quality of life, affecting behavior, especially in changing negative health habits to positive health habits.

How to Develop a Wellness Lifestyle?

In an era where people are increasingly interested in health and wellness, knowledge is crucial. You can get reliable information from the media or reliable organizations and medical institutions. Knowing the importance of wellness or well-being, lets us change our lifestyles to follow appropriate guidelines for good health, physically, mentally, socially, and cognitively, leading to sustainable, holistic well-being.

Holistic Wellness Starts at The Aspen Tree The Forestias Operated by Baycrest with Lifelong Care

Life as an older adult shouldn’t bring stress and worry. You should have freedom to think, live, and be happy every day. Good holistic wellness is the basis of happiness, something The Aspen Tree at The Forestias takes very seriously. We’re dedicated to making every moment good for your health and well-being.

Advanced medical technology helps us live longer but the most precious gift as we get older is good health to live an independent, meaningful life, free from worry. This concept inspires The Aspen Tree at The Forestias, designed and developed with research leaders and Canada’s world-leading Baycrest Crest to meet every need of older adults. You can live in a multigeneration community in The Forestias with comprehensive health and care (Holistic Lifetime Care). Full facilities and the Health & Wellness program enhance your lifestyle with activities such as yoga, swimming, singing, playing music, meditation, outdoor activities, hydrotherapy, and much more to keep your body, mind, and brain in great shape.

The Aspen Tree at The Forestias also has a Health & Brain Center to safeguard your health and wellness. The center’s experts can delay the onset of dementia and provide care to overcome brain and memory problems. A team of healthcare specialists is on hand 24 hours a day to keep you safe and well in every aspect.

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