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The Forestias Launches “Forest for Life” to Help 1,000 Families

15 May 2020
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  • The Forestias Launches “Forest for Life” to Help 1,000 Families
The Forestias Launches “Forest for Life” to Help 1,000 Families

The Forestias Launches “Forest for Life” to Help 1,000 Families

'14 May 2020, Chon Buri – The Forestias by MQDC is acting to help people on low incomes in the COVID-19 crisis with “Forest for Life”, a project for a network of families to grow seedlings for 90 days.

A thousand families will each receive 3 monthly installations of THB5,000 for a total of THB15,000. The 1.2 million seedlings they raise will go to government agencies such as the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration for green spaces or the urban seedling distribution project.

The Forestias is a 398-rai “Community District in the Forest” under construction at Bangna-Trad KM7 as Thailand’s largest development with an investment of THB125 billion.

“Forest for Life” reflects the sustainability and well-being focus of The Forestias, said Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, a President of Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC).

"Nowadays, we all see the effects of reduced forest and trees, impacting on the quality of our lives, such as with high temperatures in Thailand,” he said.

“Hotter weather and more toxic dust increases health problems. Creating forest therefore provides a good solution to environmental issues as well as helping with unemployment in this crisis. The project therefore wishes to help support household expenses by helping communities look after seedlings."

MQDC has a budget of THB25 million for this project, which will support villagers in all regions.

The first community is 26 households at Thung Heang temple in Mon Nang subdistrict of Phanat Nikhom in Chon Buri.

The Forestias by MQDC is the world\'s first real estate project where humans can actually live in nature, said Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, the project’s Senior Vice President. “Natural ecosystems with trees and animals and a high-quality and nurturing environment will benefit people of all ages and every generation,” he said. “Launching the ‘Forest for Life’ project, creating a forest to support life, is a good opportunity for us to expand the idea of creating this green space for the public. Some trees from this project will be planted in the forest of The Forestias by MQDC at Bangna-Trad KM7, helping create a real forest in the city center.”

Dr. Wit Soontaranun, Vice Chairman of the Buddharaksa Foundation, said that The Forestias has partnered with the foundation and The Givers Network to find the communities that will take part in the project. The project seeks communities of at least 20 households in or near Bangkok that are suffering in the COVID-19 lockdown. They will raise forest species, including valuable trees such as teak, Afzelia xylocarpa, rosewood, Hopea odorata, mahogany, Dalbergia Oliveri, and Dolichandrone Serrulata, and also kitchen plants. Communities interested in participating in the project can ask for information at Facebook: Facebook: MQDC - Magnolia Quality Development Corporation

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