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Whizdom The Forestias brings you 3 residential towers nestled in green under the concept “LIVE IN NATURE”. Enjoy design that meets your every need amid the calm and beauty of natural forest.

Destinia follows the concept of “LIVE CLOSER” to build family bonds through happy shared moments. Petopia welcomes pet lovers to “LIVE TOGETHER” with their fur buddies. Mytopia invites singles and young couples to “LIVE WITH PASSION” in residences where the comfort and convenience of the city meets the tranquility of nature. Welcome to where you can “LIVE URBAN” amid superb community malls and city amenities. You also have 12 acres of forest to explore with a host of carefully curated features to “LIVE WILD”. At Whizdom The Forestias you will truly “LIVE IT ALL” with the best of everything.

Whizdom The Forestias building

MYTOPIA brings you the finest modern design amid the timeless wonders of nature. Live life your own way as a single or in a couple in a unique loft setting. Space is optimized and organized for the true feel of home. Ceilings soar 5.45 meters from the floor for an uplifting sense of space and comfort. Full-height glass walls immerse you in your green surroundings, giving you a daily boost of calm, color, and vitality from nature. Common spaces connect you with green. Dive into well-being at the pool lounge or the sky-high pool, where you can chill in the magical atmosphere of a forest pool. The infinity-edge pool and fitness facilities thrill you with stupendous natural panoramas. Daylight floods in from the skylight that ascends all the way to the 9th floor. Begin each day with natural wellness in the breakfast lounge with its enchanting verdant backdrop.


Whizdom The Forestias MYTOPIA

PETOPIA is the home for you and your pet to live life to the full. PETOPIA isn’t just PET FRIENDLY. It’s a place designed in every aspect for pet lovers. As your fur buddy is part of your family, here your pet enjoys the utmost comfort and freedom. The WICKET DOOR is a pet-sized private gate to get out on the balcony whenever he or she chooses. The PET SHOWER ensures your pal enjoys shower time, with ingenious design for both of you. PET DAYCARE adds professional support to the host of special design and technology features.


Whizdom The Forestias PETOPIA

DESTINIA brings your family closer by helping you all spend wonderful times together. Enjoy the finest technology and materials under the MQDC Standard for your comfort and well-being. A modern cooling system with cold water eliminates ducts where dust and mold can gather. Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) keeps your indoor air cool and fresh. Abundant common spaces let your children play and learn, including a kids club and gym. Because everyone loves to stay fit and in form, there are great exercise opportunities for all ages. Kids flourish with safe spaces to have fun, growing up amid nature in an ideal setting.


Whizdom The Forestias DESTINIA
Whizdom The Forestias building

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whizdom the forestias - project info
Project Location


Project Area

8-0-86.1 Rai

Unit Type
  • 1 Bedroom
  • 1 Bedroom Loft
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 3 Bedroom
  • Duplex
  • Forest Duplex Penthouse
  • Penthouse


  • Destinia:  50
  • Mytopia:  42
  • Petopia:  43
Unit total
  • Destinia:  465
  • Mytopia:  360
  • Petopia:  294

Total 1,119 Units

Destinia & Mytopia
  • G floor

    • Arrival courtyard
    • Forest Lobby
    • Breakfast Lounge
    • Waiting lounge
    • Back garden and Tree House
    • Vending Machine
  • 7th floor

    • Pool Lounge
    • Social Lounge
    • Kids Club
    • Infinity-Edged pool/ Kids pool/ Jacuzzi
    • Hydrotherapy/ Sauna
    • Pavilion
  • 8th floor

    • Semi outdoor gym
    • Fitness and E-sport
    • Yoga & Exercise Studio
    • Kids Gym
  • 9th floor

    • Playground
    • Sand pit
    • Climbing Wall
    • Laundry room
    • BBQ Pit
  • Rooftop

    • Sky garden with vegetable & herb corner
  • G floor

    • Forest Lobby
    • Breakfast Lounge
    • Waiting lounge
    • Jogging track
    • Pet playground
    • Pet day care
    • Vending machine
  • 2nd floor

    • Meeting room
    • Co-Living room
    • Mezzanine floor
    • Forest Lounge
  • 8th floor

    • Swimming pool
    • Kids pool/ Jacuzzi
    • Steam Room
    • Fitness
    • Changing room & Lockers
    • Pet playground
    • Pet drinking & Waste area
    • Relaxation room
    • Laundry room
  • Rooftop

    • Sky garden with vegetable & herb corner


1A2A - 1 Bedroom

1B1B - 2 Bedroom

1D2A - Duplex

3A2B - 1 Bedroom




project progress

Whizdom The Forestias(Destinia and Mytopia) construction Sep2023
whizdom the forestias
Whizdom The Forestias(Destinia and Mytopia)
Overall Status 95.0 %
Structural Work ​ 100.0 %
Whizdom The Forestias(Destinia and Mytopia) construction Sep2023
Whizdom The Forestias(Petopia) construction Sep2023
whizdom the forestias
Whizdom The Forestias(Petopia)
Overall Status 92.7 %
Structural Work ​ 100.0 %
Whizdom The Forestias(Petopia) construction Sep2023