Property Business

At MQDC, we are committed and dedicated to conducting our business on the principle of 'For All Well-Being' to deliver sustainable quality of life to all living things on this planet through setting standards in technology and innovation. We have established the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) to conduct research on sustainable innovation that can be applied to project development. We also set a standard for a 30-year quality guarantee to ensure that residents can confidently live a sustainable and happy life.

Project Brand

WELL-BEING HABITAT reinforces our commitment to operate in a way that achieves the mission of our 'For All Well-Being’ philosophy.

MQDC, therefore, develops various projects to address every need for living as best as possible. We aim not only to fulfill convenience but also to enable you to live in an environment that promotes well-being for lasting happiness.

Theme Project

Enriching Community

With the dedication of MQDC to creating a society in a new space where every generation, animals, and nature can connect and coexist.
Therefore, we are committed to developing theme projects to foster abundance, ensuring everyone enjoys a good quality of life, robust health, and coexistence for sustainable happiness.

Joint Venture

At MQDC, we believe that it is more than just collaboration; it's about providing you with a variety of superior experiences in a quality society while also developing the nation to become a destination for travelers worldwide.