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MQDC Brings Anti-COVID Carpets to India

24 February 2021
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  • MQDC Brings Anti-COVID Carpets to India
MQDC Brings Anti-COVID Carpets to India

MQDC Brings Anti-COVID Carpets to India

5 February 2021, Bangkok – MQDC India has become the country’s sole agent for Thailand’s The Carpet Maker, representing its range of AVA carpets, textiles, and garments to protect against pathogens including COVID-19.

DTGO, the parent of MQDC, has a long association with The Carpet Maker, which has operated for over 30 years, producing carpets for high-end residences, palaces, luxury yachts, private planes, and top fashion brands.

Developed under the manufacturer’s IK Kraft brand, AVA (Anti-Viral Allergy free) offers powerful protection as a fiber incorporated into carpets to stop viruses replicating and quickly render them inactive.

“I am delighted to be bringing these innovative products to India,” said Ms. ‘Amy’ Chulamas Jitpatima, head of MQDC India.

“AVA has been certified by 3 international agencies to give you peace of mind and protect you and your family from health issues. As an expert in serving exacting, upscale customers, The Carpet Maker also assures you of outstanding design, quality, and style.”

MQDC India is a unit of MQDC, the leading Thai developer. The new business operates Whizdom Club in Delhi, a co-working space and inspiration hub that implements MQDC’s philosophy of “For All Well-Being” with its purified air, its bright, airy spaces, and its café serving healthy food and drinks.

AVA carpets counter bacteria, fungi, viruses and also disrupt the food chain of dust mites, which are the main cause of asthma allergies.

For protection in the COVID-19 pandemic, The Carpet Maker group has also designed and developed anti-virus face masks, gloves, and hand towels. AVA offers further protection through scarves and shawls. Products for the home include bedding, sofa covers, and curtains. 

The company is also working with Srinakarin Hospital, one of Thailand’s leading hospitals, on a range of AVA products for medical facilities.

A COVID-free room in the hospital is testing out products including staff uniforms, patient gowns, bedding, and carpets.

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