Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
Thailand's First Home Intelligent System Introduced by MQDC
MQDC Introduces Thailand's First "Home Intelligent System for All Well-Being," Joined by Margie-Rasri, Pok-Patsarakorn, and many Thailand's Top celebrities to Create an Awareness about "Indoor Air Quality for Healthy and Sustainable Living"Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), emphasizes its strategy on Health & Well-Being, organizing a launch of "MQDC Home Intelligent System" the latest technology solutions that promote sustainability and holistic quality of living. MQDC is the first property developer in Thailand to introduce Energy Recovery Ventilation System or "ERV" to ensure a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. This event also aimed to create an awareness on "Invisible Danger"; negative health effects caused by poor indoor air quality in everyday living.

The event took place at WHIZDOM Station Ratchada-Thapra and guests were warmly welcome by Khun Assada Kaeokhiao, President-WHIZDOM, MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), Khun Sasinan Allmand, EVP of Corporate Marketing and Communications and Khun Polnut Chalermwan, CEO of Obotrons Corporation Limited. The highlight was a presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Adviser of The Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) and Thailand's renowned architect
and ecology designer, on the topic of how to select residences for sustainable living. Guests also had a special meet and greet with two famous superstars; Khun Margie-Rasri Balenciaga
and Khun Pok-Patsarakorn Chirathivat who also joined in for a talk on "New Trend of Lifestyle Living and Better Indoor Air Quality for Healthy and Sustainable Living". The event was participated by many young celebrities who live a healthy lifestyle such as Khun Pear-Pimpisa Chirathivat, Khun Thanaerng-Kanyawee Songmuang, Khun Earn-Jirawat Hemansutikun, M.L. Athichat Chatchai, and Khun Haruethai Chaiyan na ayudhya.

Khun Assada Kaeokhiao, President-WHIZDOM, MQDC Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC), revealed the objectives of "New Trend of Lifestyle Living, Better Indoor Air Quality for Healthy and Sustainable Living" that MQDC is committed to enhance inhabitants' well-being.
Developing innovative technology to serve healthy living is our philosophy. MQDC will never stop
researching and developing innovative solutions that elevate the quality of living particularly for health betterment. MQDC focuses on the technology that improves "Indoor Air Quality - IAQ" which is considered as "Invisible Danger" in our everyday life since we are mostly stay in air-conditioned room both at workplace and at home.

"Nowadays, people are looking more and more for residences that are eco-friendly, less energy consumption with modern technology and design. With this obvious living lifestyle trend, MQDC has developed WHIZDOM Station Ratchada-Thapra project and introduced Fully-Integrated Home Intelligent System for Well-Being, the genius technology that provides completed facilities that support healthy life of resident. This project is the Thailand's first time ever which will be ready to move in within 3rd quarter of 2017" Khun Assada added.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, revealed that a research conducted by International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy, department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Denmark showed that living in the air-conditioned room for long period everyday negatively affected health conditions in short and long term. This is because level of Carbon dioxide (CO2) circulated in the room is continually increasing from breathing and metabolic system which causes in fatigue, drowsiness, headache and lead to the decreasing effectiveness in decision making and working performance.

Level of CO2 and air quality in the building has tremendous direct impact on our health since people spend 90% of time indoor. Consequently, if the buildings do not have the effective air ventilation system, the cumulative volatile compounds and CO2 from breathing and metabolism can create many health problems.

These days, we are living in air-conditioned room most of the time; at work, at home, and even in bedtime. The air conditioning circulated the same air around the room repeatedly and we breathe the old air with higher level of CO2. This may not cause illness in short term. But in the long run, it will lead to several decreases such as Alzheimer in elderly people or Delayed Development in child.

Khun Margie-Rasri Balenciaga stated that "we are looking for a home that is environmental friendly with innovations and MQDC is just the right answer for a healthy lifestyle living. I wish that everyone will be more conscious about the quality of air that can affect our health. If we just change the way we live, we will get the better health as well".

Khun Pok-Patsarakorn Chirathivat added that "MQDC project is really for urban lifestyle people including me who are looking for technology that makes life more convenient and supports our health. If I have to buy a residence for my loved one, I will select the best quality, one that is suitable to our lifestyles and most importantly, it must be a place that promotes health and well-being where we will live happily together".

In the event, MQDC also demonstrated "Home Intelligent System" to guests and many top-tier celebrities such as Khun Pear-Pimpisa Chirathivat, Khun Thanaerng-Kanyawee Songmuang, Khun Earn-Jirawat Hemansutikun, M.L. Athichat Chatchai, and Khun Haruethai Chaiyan Na Ayudhya, who shared their aspects on how to select the residence for healthy lives and environmentally friendly. #mqdcforallwellbeing, #mqdc