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MQDC launches Whizdom 'urban lifestyle' condo at Ladprao MRT
30 August 2017
Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao, a 27-story condominium at Ladprao MRT station, was launched on the August 29th by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), a leading condominium, villa, and mixed-use developer under the Magnolias and Whizdom brands.
Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao, a 27-story condominium at Ladprao MRT station, was launched on the August 29th by Magnolia Quality Development Corporation (MQDC), a leading condominium, villa, and mixed-use developer under the Magnolias and Whizdom brands.

Targeted at urban professionals with modern lifestyles, the energy-saving and environment-friendly building offers amenities including ground-level and raised green areas of over 1,700 square meters. The 497 units also come with a 30-year building warranty and 'zero-defects' quality assurance.

Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao was inaugurated by a host of new-generation celebrities - including Chitnarong "Phun" Visessompark, Wisarut "X" Songsermsawad, Pimdao "Mutmee" Panichsamai, and Parva "Birdie" Nakasai - along with Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, President of Whizdom, MQDC, and Mrs. Sasinan Allmand, Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communication, MQDC. The launch was held in the residence's lobby on the 29th of August 2017.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao said the architecturally stunning development would appeal to new-generation buyers for five key factors:

1) The Best Location: Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao is right by Ladprao MRT Station's Exit 1. The MRT Yellow Line will also soon link the area to Samrong. Connections to Ratchadapisek, Rama 9, and other evolving areas will put the development within an emerging new business district with first-class shopping complexes, schools, and hospitals.

2) A 30-year building warranty: MQDC is the first developer in Thailand to offer a 30-year guarantee for four aspects:
- Concrete structures, beams, and floors to retain integrity without cracks
- General building strength to endure without roof leaks
- Tap water and sanitary systems to stay free from leaks and electrical systems to remain safe
- Door and window frames to continue operating smoothly and without leaks

3) Design excellence: Beyond meeting housing needs, Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao features energy-saving and environment-friendly features aligned with the standard of the Thai Green Building Institute. The residence will serve all urban lifestyles exceptionally. Unit layouts, for example, are ergonomically designed to enhance residents' comfort. Lighting and air-conditioners are optimized to provide healthy conditions. The building is oriented so natural resources such as breezes and sunlight lower utility consumption. Residential units start from the fifth floor, providing privacy and isolation from noise. The green area's trees present a green wall absorbing noise and dust and improving airflow to the building.

4) Customer service: Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao's residents will enjoy exceptional amenities such as a car-washing area, a coffee-making corner in the lobby, BBQ stoves, washing machines and clothes dryers, first-aid kits, and maintenance tools. These 'sense of living' amenities will enhance homeowners' work and leisure time, promoting entertainment, health, networking, and knowledge sharing.

5) Zero Defects Delivery: The units reflect new levels of quality set by a 'zero defects' approach. Three-dimensional building information modeling (BIM) was used throughout design, construction, and transfer to raise quality standards. Inspection software new to Thailand was also adopted to further elevate standards.

The development has partnered with CK Furniture to offer units fully furnished by the world-class brand. In addition, discounts of up to 500,000 baht are available until September 30th, 2017.

"After advertising the project, we have received incredible success with reservations for almost 90% of the total units. And on the upcoming grand opening of Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao, which will be held on the 2nd of September, the sales gallery will feature seven different elegant and stylish residences with furniture from CK Furniture. Our offers and packages will attract new-generation customers and the remaining 10% of units will be sold very soon," Mr. Assada added

As Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao represents a new concept in urban quality living, celebrities and guests gave their views on selecting the ideal residence.

"Personally, I always pay attention to the construction and material used. Because buying real estate is a major investment, I would like to be assured that there will be no problems in the future like what I have experienced. When I heard that this project has a 30-year building guarantee, I got so confident and immediately put the project as the highly rated development of today," said Chitnarong "Phun" Visessompark.

Wisarut "X" Songsermsawad said, "There are only two places where we spend most of our time on a daily basis: home and office. So I am looking for a residence that is convenient for me to commute from by car or public transport. I have to say that Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao has the best location for this. It is also surrounded by shopping complexes, hospitals, and schools. In other words, it is perfect for everyone, and especially for those with a family."

Pimdao "Mutmee" Panichsamai, Thailand's sweetheart celebrity, said, "My happiness is to live in a comfortable place. As I like to spend time at home, the decoration is the most important factor for me when I want to purchase a residence. Once I learned that Whizdom has collaborated with a world-class furniture brand like CK Furniture, I got so excited and feel like this project is surely the answer to my housing lifestyle."

"In my opinion, I have never seen any development that pays attention to detail as much as this one. It is designed to provide perspectives of quality living: lifestyles, self-improvement, and everyday comfort. For all the details that I or people of this generation are looking for, Whizdom has everything to offer including activities and facilities like BBQ stoves and maintenance boxes. I am impressed by how the developer truly values sense of living and is able to provide it stylishly in this building: Whizdom Avenue Ratchada-Ladprao," Parva "Birdie" Nakasai said.

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Under its mission to improve the quality of living for all, MQDC invests in research and development to create innovations for consumers and ecosystems that support environment-friendly living and add value to surrounding communities.

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