Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
RISC holds 'RISC Talk Vol 2/2018' on psychology and simulation for well-being
31 August 2018, Bangkok - Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), MQDC's research arm, hosted 'RISC Talk Vol 2/2018' to share knowledge with society. Two topics were covered: 'Psychology for Well-being in the Built Environment' by Dr Sirinath Sann Jamieson, VP of Social Impact Development in DTGO's Strategic Corporate Social Contribution Office, and "Simulation for Well-being" by Mr Chanin Kulsurakit, a Sustainable Designer at RISC.

More than 75 participants attended, bringing bottled water or personal flasks to help reduce paper, glass, and plastic waste at RISC, based on the 4th floor of Magnolias Ratchadamri Boulevard (MRB).

Dr Sirinath presented case studies from around the world, especially in environmental psychology for good quality of life, addressing issues such as 'How long do we spend each day in traffic?', 'How much does the workplace environment matter to people?', 'What corporate policies improve working life?', and 'Is working from home good for everyone?'

Khun Chanin said "Air circulation is crucial to the design of buildings and homes. It helps give good ventilation and removing air from rooms or buildings also reduces moisture, fungus, and germs inside the building. A breeze blowing through the building also helps diminish air conditioning, which can save electricity. Effective ventilation can be achieved by simulating airflow to find the appropriate window position. There are so many solutions from simulation. Many real estate companies have turned to simulation to improve the residents' well-being."