The Aspen Tree Holds “The Beginning of Most Beautiful Life”

The Aspen Tree Holds “The Beginning of Most Beautiful Life”

26 June 2022, Bangkok – The Aspen Tree at The Forestias with Muang Thai Life Assurance held “The Beginning of Most Beautiful Life”, an exclusive event for Muang Thai Smile Club members where Ajarn “Chang” Tosaporn Sritula, the famous fortuneteller, spoke to the 20 attendees on homes for a new life at 50+.

Ajarn Sritula gave tips on auspicious homes and Feng Shui for bedrooms that boost physical and mental well-being. The guests also enjoyed an exclusive tour of the project’s show units as well as a special “Afternoon Tea” from Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

The event was inspired by the project’s vision to create a community with outstanding quality of life where residents enjoy “The Most Beautiful Chapter in Life”.

The Aspen Tree is a healthy living community with holistic lifetime care for residents of 50 and over to have "Happy, Healthy, Hassle-Free" living.

The project combines residences with full-spectrum services as Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s finest community for older adults.

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PUBLISHED : 3 months ago

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