The Aspen Tree Offers “Elite Health” Insurance with Muang Thai Life

The Aspen Tree Offers “Elite Health” Insurance with Muang Thai Life

8 March 2021, Bangkok –The Aspen Tree, a residential community with lifetime care by MQDC, has joined forces with "Muang Thai Life Assurance", the leader in life and health insurance, to offer outstanding “Elite Health” coverage for serious illness, common and infectious diseases, and accidents.

Homebuyers at The Aspen Tree enjoy instant coverage of up to THB20 million/year during project construction, rising to THB40 million/year on project completion and leasehold transfer.

The Aspen Tree is a residential community with lifetime care for residents of 50 and over. The project combines residences with convenient and holistic services as Thailand’s first and Southeast Asia’s finest high-quality living community for older adults. The project is part of The Forestias, a forested neighborhood across almost 400 rai in Bangna.

Under The Aspen Tree’s “Aging-In-Place” concept, residents can freely and safely enjoy their homes and surroundings, connected with nature and the community and with access to comprehensive healthcare.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of property developer MQDC, said: "MQDC has researched the needs of older adults to develop The Aspen Tree for their health and happiness. It focuses on lifetime care for residents to live happily and free from worry. To achieve this goal, The Aspen Tree is extremely proud to partner with Muang Thai Life Assurance as a leading Thai life and health insurance company.”

Mr. Sara Lamsam, Managing Director and CEO of Muang Thai Life Assurance, said the company is delighted to help deliver a unique experience for The Aspen Tree customers with outstanding “Elite Health” coverage.

“This collaboration between Muang Thai Life Assurance and The Aspen Tree is a significant development in responding to the aging society and providing new ways for customers to plan their lives with superior protection in line with our commitment to serving the aging society, developing products and services that precisely meet the needs of older adults, and setting a standard of care for residents and giving them the best quality service,” said Mr. Lamsam.

Explore The Aspen Tree’s exclusive community for healthy living and lifetime care:

PUBLISHED : 3 months ago

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