The Aspen Tree Sends Out Care Hampers in the Outbreak

The Aspen Tree Sends Out Care Hampers in the Outbreak

1 September 2021, Bangkok - The Aspen Tree has sent out care hampers to uplift its customers in the outbreak, bringing them a selection of the finest locally sourced products that support communities too.

The hampers also contain COVID-19 essentials such as hygienic masks, a push stick, alcohol wipes, alcohol gel spray, and a testing kit.

Packed with the finest local products, the hampers contain scented candles from the Parichart community and a microgreen vegetable planting kit from Wat Lat Pla Duk community. It all comes in a stylish wicker bag woven from water hyacinth reeds by Ban Wai community.

The Aspen Tree The Forestias by MQDC sent out its care hampers with special COVID-safe delivery by CABB Taxi. A clear partition separates the driver and passengers. An ozone system provides a further safeguard, keeping the interior free from microbes.

Picked, packed, and dispatched with love, these care hampers share the lifetime care at the heart of The Aspen Tree at the Forestias by MQDC.

The Aspen Tree - A Community for Healthy Living and Lifetime Care

PUBLISHED : 6 months ago

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