Hangouts for Bangkok’s Older Adults

Hangouts for Bangkok’s Older Adults

Who says retirees and older adults should stay at home? Going out and exploring, in fact, eases stress and boosts your well-being.

The Aspen Tree, a healthy living community for older adults, presents some interesting places in Bangkok for older adults to visit. ( Step out for fun times with friends or family.

1.Boost your knowledge at a library. You can pick a favorite corner and learn about the world at some of these libraries:

2.Enjoy art and culture at exhibitions of paintings and photographs. Bangkok’s many delightful museums and galleries include:

3.Embrace nature and fresh air at the city’s green oases. Take a cycle or stroll around public parks like Vachirabenjatas Park, Bang Krachao, and Metro Forest.

PUBLISHED : 11 months ago

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