Can’t Sleep? Drop off to Soft Sounds with ASMR

Can’t Sleep? Drop off to Soft Sounds with ASMR

If you struggle to fall asleep at night, there are new sounds to help. ASMR is an abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It relaxes your mind though gentle noises like breathing, whispering, or music.

ASMR is good for your health, according to research. It curbs stress and creates positive feelings. For many, it’s even a cure for insomnia.

As a healthy living community for older adults, The Aspen Tree cares about quality of life in every aspect, boosting well-being through its design, facilities, and services ( So today The Aspen Tree would like to share some ASMR examples to help you wind down or drop off.

- Winter Whale ASMR: Soothe your soul with ambient sounds from daily life and nature. Choose from waves on the shore, trains, wind, forests, or falling rain.

- Peaceful Cuisine: Feast on a channel for fans of cooking. Slicing, chopping, grinding, and pounding sounds combine with music to put you in a peaceful kitchen in a warm home.

- SAS-ASMR: The sounds of food and chewing work magic to calm your mind, enhance your concentration, and boost your appetite.


PUBLISHED : 11 months ago

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