THE ASPEN TREE THE FORESTIAS The "Holistic Lifetime Care" Housing Project for Your "Happy, Healthy, Hassle-Free" Living

THE ASPEN TREE THE FORESTIAS The "Holistic Lifetime Care" Housing Project for Your "Happy, Healthy, Hassle-Free" Living

Some say that life starts at 50 with the most beautiful chapter in life to look forward to, when people are able to indulge in joyful living with minimum responsibilities. Today’s ‘silver demo-graphic’ of people aged 50+ tend to prioritise preventive healthcare planning, or taking care of one’s physical and mental health. The Aspen Tree The Forestias is the only residential project in Thailand that comes with services aimed for this demographic, with comprehensive care services for all your life from a team of specialists, under the concept of ‘Holistic Lifetime Care’ based on four aspects to be tailored just for you.

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On your first day of moving in, a comprehensive health check-up, evaluation and plan will be conducted by our team of specialists. While on the property grounds our team will provide you with 24/7 care, advice, emergency assistance if needed as well as nutrition, lifestyle and exercise services to support your individual health plan.  A unique facility at The Aspen Tree is our Health & Brain Center specialising in Brain & Memory Care, Geriatric Clinics for Senior Primary Care.


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The Aspen Tree At The Forestias is the one and only housing project to partner with Baycrest, the world-class health sciences centre based in Canada with over 100 years of experience in holistic care for seniors covering lifestyle, healthcare including brain health. Baycrest specialises in designing health and wellness activities for seniors in their fifties and beyond to optimise their four health aspects i.e. physical, cognitive, emotional and social. Residents may opt for any activity of interest to them through the Home Intelligence System right inside their rooms.

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At The Aspen Tree, you can just relax and rely on the team of professionals, trained by Baycrest to international standard, supported by comprehensive services to enhance your living comfort age – such as a complimentary daily breakfast cooked with principles of nutrition in mind; a room-cleaning service once a week; and access to the Wellness Clubhouse facilities with assistance from our staffs if needed, for you to stay active at body and joyful at heart. An additional service option is a range of health insurance programmes prestige health protection with maximum coverage up to 40 million baht per year, up to 99 years old so you can enjoy your senior years without worrying about being a burden to anyone.

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our  residences are fashioned with the universal  design concept and utilise the concept of ‘ageing-in-place’, paying particular attention to a  comfortable and safe living environment for you as you age and including features such as:  installing an emergency button; an automatic night light; safety materials like low-impact flooring (resilient floor); lighting and ventilation system (ERV) to enhance well-being; and using non-toxic or low-emission materials. All of these are offered to heighten your quality of life each day. Additionally, The Aspen Tree is situated within The Forestias housing project with a pleasant mix of residents of different generations, facilities and a refreshing natural environment especially designed for a happy living environment, so you can be ensured that living at The Aspen Tree will be the perfect base for your most beautiful chapter in life.

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Exclusive for the 1 Card Member to visit The Aspen Tree the Forestias by CABB Taxi roundtrip.

Private transportation by CABB Taxi VIP. Please make appointment one day in advance through contacting CABB Call Center: 02-026-8888.

Service time is from 10 am – 4 pm in Bangkok Metropolitan Region. 

Exclusive for the first 20 people on first come first serve basis. 

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