Why We Need to Eat Light in Our 50s

Why We Need to Eat Light in Our 50s

Find yourself wanting to eat all day? Changes in our hormones when we’re in our 50s can leave us stressed and wanting to nibble...

But we have to be careful. Stress is a factor for heart disease. And we have to remember that, at any age, we are what we eat.

After 50, browsing all the time can harm our bodies. We need to take it easy to stay safe from heart disease. The Aspen Tree has 3 tips for light eating that we’d like to share.

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Life’s sweeter with less sugar…

It’s great to enjoy sweet moments with friends. But sweet foods, drinks, and desserts are a different matter. 

Coconut milk and sugar are the main ingredients in Thai puddings. They’ll make you fat and put your heart at risk.

Lighten up by eating something fresh. It’ll help you stay free from heart disease in the future.

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Fried meatballs, crispy spring rolls, pork, and battered chicken are all yummy fried food. Just the names of these dishes could make you hungry.

But these foods are rich in trans fats, which invite low-density lipoprotein into your body. Eat too much saturated fatty acids and you’ll suffer high cholesterol and risk cardiovascular disease.

Switching from fried to stewed, boiled, steamed dishes is a great option for good health at 50+.

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Crunchy snacks often have saltiness as their first flavor. But salt’s a source of sodium that can harm your health. Eat too much and mineral salts will get into your blood. Your heart will have to pump harder and you risk high blood pressure. It’s a factor for an enlarged heart and even heart failure.

Ditch the salt to give your heart a brighter future.

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PUBLISHED : 5 months ago

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