Sense of Perfection

Perfections that reflect every fine detail of living lifestyles.

Whizdom Essence, the hi-end Condominium that fulfills every aspect for your ultimate living.

Nourish yourself both mind and soul with the 24 hours surrounding of nature that will endlessly inspire you every single moment.


Project name Whizdom Essence
Total area 6-1-91 Rai
Total floors 50 floors
Total Units 664 living units 2 retail units
Parking space 471 vehicles (71%)(Double parking inclusive)
Room Detail
1 Bedroom 33.71- 44.9 Assuring the true happiness of city living, wider is happier by enlarging the living room area, bedroom and a separate kitchen to answer each of your individual lifestyle.
2 Bedroom 51.9 - 83.8 Two-bedroom unit of 51.9-83.8 sq.m. Living with your utmost significant other, under the coziness of every little detail and inch of the space. Sensing each other every single moment but yet leaves a freedom of your ultimate privacy
3 Bedroom 100.2 - 101.8 Three-bedroom unit of 100.2-101.8 sq.m. Extreme excitement from your first step in from the extra spacious space of the living room to the master bedroom with the view of Bangkok, it is just like our own hanging masterpiece.
Penthouse 195.9 - 209.6 Penthouse unit of 195.9-209.6 sq. m. The exclusive peak of living with luxury design and magnificently views in every living perspective to uphold the life beyond description. At this place… there is no such word as “impossible”.
Facilitie 2-Rai park on the ground
ogging track and bicycle lane
Olympic standard size swimming pool (50 m lap)
Swimming pool for kids and a Jacuzzi
Fitness / Yoga room
Relaxing Zone and Sky Garden
Business Lounge
Library and Special Study Room
Security System Digital Door Lock
Key Card Access
24-hour security system
Smart Living Home Automation System

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Sense of Emotional Reflection

Reflecting your senses and emotions with our exception and creative design, detailed in every square meter, such privileges for your precious living.

Sense of Luxurious Style / Sense of Luxury Life

- Sense the luxuries of living with the Luxe Modern design style that best illustrates your style with the fine design of detail in every function. Every unit has been designed appropriately to absorb light and breezes with the Full-Height façade enabling wider panoramic view and dimensions with 2.8 meter high ceiling.

- Up to 70% of parking space to fulfill every exclusive need.

Sense of Urban Spirit

- The spirit of an immense city with the convenience of potential local, close to Punnawithi BTS station, near the expressway and Suvarnabhumi Airport, ultimately the new heart of Bangkok

- The new landmark of Bangkok that arranges all conveniences and open opportunities for new inspirations that are surrounded by lifestyle complex, retails, green office space and a sport club.

Sense of Rejuvenation

- Boost up the importance of good health with Active Zone and Relax Zone on a 2,000 sq.m area inclusive of jogging track, pool garden, Jacuzzi, kid pool, yoga room and a bicycle lane. Revitalize and reenergize yourself physically as well as mentally by exercising and working out among the good atmosphere and nature

- Alter your ambiences with Business Lounge and Library so you can concentrate on business matters or personal moments.

Sense of Natural Reflection

Seeking for happiness is simply here… with the parallel of living a city life while surrounding by natures that enables to let yourself go with the ultimate privacy of absolute happiness.

Sense of Serenity

The tranquility of green spaces that will revitalize your spirit every single day, releasing all the fatigues under the pleasant atmosphere of green forest of over 2-Rai area along with the recreation area and exercising ground.

Sense of Self-indulgent

Relaxing Zone on an area over 650 sq. m embracing with the Rejuvenate Lounge that reveals the open wide view of Panorama View scenery and the floating garden, Whizdom Sky Garden, to apprehend the happiness on such height.

Energy and Ecology
Project plans for energy conservation and quality of living

Building orientations of North-South so the properties do not directly facing the sunlight with shades installation and high performance glass.
Reducing heat absorbs ion, cooling down the building and save more energy in the long term.
Separating parking lot from the resident buildings, with tree planted to reduce heat, dust, fumes and noise pollution as well.

Home Ware Selection
Energy and resource selections

From water saving sanitary ware, light bulbs to energy saving air conditioner.

Home and Well-being
For better homes and decent livings

Selections of environmental friendly material to reduce the amount of contaminants from interior adhesive binder, sealant, primer and coating.
Selecting standard laminate flooring and are environmental friendly produced

Hygienic design of ventilation system
There is a hallway ventilation opening on every floor wiht natural sunlight channels to retain good air flow.
Each unit has open spaces more than 10% of the total area with 2 openings locations of contribution to ventilate the room thoroughly.

Design for Safety
Laminate Glaze is selected for exterior and tempered glaze for shower partitions, for the safety of glass bumps or cracks.
Tighten the security from falling risks with a design of at least 120cm height of rails and a gap up to 9cm.

Lighting for Health
Designed to avoid direct light on beds or seating, reduction of glare and heat, and shadow reductions while reading.

Air Conditioning Installation
Installed and located on the positions that cool wind flows to the functioning areas, not onto facial directions, to reduce risks of causing illnesses.

Air Extraction Ventilation Cooker Hood Installation
Reduce food odors from the area as much as possible

Behavior and Psychology of Living
Universal Design for everyone

Common areas are designed on plain flooring, equipped for ground-level ramp, car park and wheelchair accessible washrooms

Home Automation
Light switching controls, air conditioner and other platforms in application forms, together with retails within the project, including sharing and exchanging news

Designed for People
- Living room: sufficient space for 47-50 inches TV
- Bathroom: seamlessly allocating functioning space of wider opening bathroom door without blockage within the swing range in case of accidents in the bathroom.
- Kitchen: properly placement of furniture and equipments for ease of usage and safety.
- Bedroom: Designed for convenient functions, airy space and appropriate space around the bed.
- Wardrobe: with a depth of 0.70 m, clothes will not be wrinkles from hanging and suitable space for luggage


To show intentions and standpoints toward environmental friendly building construction which will not produce pollution to the surrounding context are a good communication to social to create understanding with every sector, and smoothness in building construction and operation.


Project site located near various and enough urban facilities and close from public transportations systems. Sustainable building layout planning results in energy saving. Design for more open space ratio and have green area more than 40% of Ecological Open Space


Reduce water use by installing water saving fixtures, water saving faucet and waterless urinal to manage water use.


Design and select building envelope systems, air conditioned systems, electrical and lighting systems, and other systems involved with energy use that are appropriate with climate and have higher efficiency. Building exterior materials selection reduces heat transfer to the building. The project can reduce the total energy usage by more than 30%


Select Materials with low environmental impact, recycled material, and regional material more than 30% of construction materials value.


Design with good environment and quality of life in the area of thermal comfort, natural lighting, indoor air quality with no toxin or any contaminant, and provide fresh air in every room.


Provides environmental protection and pollution reduction plans during construction. Reduces construction waste by waste segregation. No hazardous chemical usage to minimize any impact on environment


Universal Design by using Home Automation system