‘TaladPhlu’ (Phlu Market) is inspired by stories and rich charismatic history of traditional houses with gardens. Together with modern architecture and interior design the immersing of the Betel Leaf presents a sense of nature throughout the entire venue.


Project Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra
Owner & Developer Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
Project Location Ratchadapisek Road, Next to BTS TalatPhlu
Project Area 3 Rai 53.2 sq.wah
Total No. of Units Studio 22 sq.m. 1 Bedroom 26-35 sq.m. 2 Bedroom 47-59 sq.m. Penthouse 40-78 Sq.m.
Number of levels 37 Storeys
Number of units 690 Units and 6 shops
Number of parking 295 lots

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Convenient, Easy, Modern and spoilt for choice with many top-leading stores inside which fully meets all lifestyle needs.

Grand Lobby

- Design influenced by houses with sizable backyards creating that spacious atmosphere. Inspiration is drawn from large trees lining the area like sitting underneath it where its branches spreading in patterns. Reflective mirrors surrounds you creating an illusion of limitless greenery yard.

Greenery Courtyard

- Design influenced by houses with sizable backyards creating that spacious atmosphere. Inspiration is drawn from large trees lining the area like sitting underneath it where its branches spreading in patterns. Reflective mirrors surrounds you creating an illusion of limitless greenery yard.

Infinity Edge Pool

- Introducing a new experience of boundless freedom with the new swimming pool design where you take pleasure in the views of the city and its endless skyline.

Pool Bar

Inspired by the riverside terrace where you relax in the late-afternoons, the lounge design bears a resemblance to the terrace that extends out as you step off into the water. The walls inside the lounge offers the ability to open making it more spacious, welcoming a cooling breeze during the day or changing to a party scene at night as you are able to enjoy your time and view near the pool around the clock everyday.


- Elevated from the Pool Bar surrounded by clear windows where you can look out to see a luscious garden view as well as a big swimming pool down below while you exercise.

Sunrise Terrace 34th Floor

- Green Terrance located on the 34th Floor catches the morning light while facing the city view giving it a perfect place to chill and relax. With a ‘health conscious’ garden design in mind, the garden is equipped with traditional Thai plants, which are common in Thai households.

Glass House Sky Lounge

Co-working Space

- Create a perfect work-life balance in the midst of pleasant greenery and stress-free atmosphere with Wifi and E-Library proving you with the utmost convenience giving you endless inspiration at all times.

Tunnel Garden

- At the very top locates a stunning garden with unlimited access. The space offers enough room for privacy with a surrounding view of the city and a tunnel garden which provides shelter and shade for the building from the glaring sun perfect for sitting and relaxing, taking in nature in all seasons of the year.

One Bedroom (Separate Kitchen)

- A unit that focuses on space utilization much like a home compartmentalizing the allocated space without the feeling of confinement. The living room and the bedroom are connected creating a sense of immense open space welcoming the view and the natural light through the bedroom window or alternatively using the partition to create a clear separate space between the bedroom and the living room. Bathroom and kitchen are completely separate and out of the way so you do not have to worry about poor ventilation or any unpleasant smells. This unit is perfect for those who love to cook without having to worry about unwanted food odors lingering

One Bedroom (Kitchenette)

- A unit increased in size where the spacious living room is connected to the balcony, dining area and kitchen presenting a western style open kitchen where everything is within reach. A partition is available to open up during the day or partitioned off at night similar to a convenient hotel suite perfectly suited for an urban lifestyle.

Two Bedroom Unit

- The two bedroom units are suitable for families and are positioned in the corner giving you the most amazing view of the city giving the room a spacious feel. The living room and bedroom are brought to life by natural lighting during the day and indulge in the breathtaking view of the city at night. The living room and the dining area are both connected giving a vast feel to the space. The design of the room

Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra

Ideas through design to improve your quality of life

Ideas through development of ‘Whizdom Station Ratchada-Thapra’ was constructed through a mixture of design, detailed research and applied with the utmost care to meet all convenience and comfort needs continuously improving all aspect of your life quality.

An understanding of nature and outstanding qualities of the ‘Betel Leaf’ were implemented to the structure to create a new identity taken from the superiority of nature to maximize your life quality.

"Energy and Environment"

Energy and environmental conservation perspective;

Perfect design throughout that meets the ‘Whizdom’ standard of superior quality.

Detailed quality control for the development of superior inhabitance to help enrich your quality of life. The Betel leaf was incorporated into the buildings giving it an identity of its own as well as the integration of nature and the advance quality of plants in different types and sizes to help with sound absorption and dust filtration, your health is our concern from the start.

We put great consideration and careful planning into the placement of our buildings and materials used in the north-south area to help conserve energy by having them face north which helps reduces contact with the blazing sun and welcoming the cool southern breeze all year round which in turn helps increase human comfort and decreases energy consumption.

"Home and Well-Being"

Well-being and security perspective;

The design for health is emphasized for comfortable living and good health through the immaculate details in raw and safe materials used within our units. Our Air Conditioner for health were designed without a presence of air-ducts reducing dust collection and harmful molds. Air vents were also smartly designed not to directly aim at inhabitants as to reduce cold drafts. Our pipes were also designed in an efficient way as to reduce problematic blockage and easily accessible for maintenance if need be. Our smart lighting for health where lights are aimed away from inhabitants to reduce direct heating but still offers plenty of visibility when reading. Our single side window increases indoor air quality by improving air circulation throughout the building.

"Behavior and Psychology"

Behavior and perception perspective;

Living space was designed by studying the human dimension. The spacing within the units are perfectly aligned with the dimension of the body. A space that is perfect, not too narrow or wide, as well as hygienic bearing in mind all different demographics with our universal design. Smart space allows inhabitants to be independent in navigating through the building whether it be the main entrance, reception area or the facilities area. Parking slots allow enough space for trolleys, the ramps are at a 1:12 angle, anti-slip in all the bathrooms as well as Braille lettering on all the elevator buttons and voice communication system for those with disabilities. The high ceiling allows good ventilation without feeling cramped. Bedrooms and bathrooms are positioned for maximum privacy giving the highest level of convenience.