Whizdom Condominium unique concept of blending various designs for all mode of lifestyles, that’s what makes us different.
At MQDC we think beyond than building a residence, we aim to create an eternal happiness to all of our members. ‘Whizdom Society’ is a place that giving a great opportunity to the ‘thinker’ to improve personal potentiality and share smart ideas based on the concept of ‘Knowledge Sharing Society’.
City ways of living always change time by time, so people always adapt their lifestyles to match with the current trend. At Whizdom … we pay our most attention to research every aspect of construction for a greater standard of living. With our ‘Space Management’ concept, you will freely manage and arrange your own living space for the most comfortable life.
At Whizdom … we believe that ‘think wiser’ is to live close to the nature. Our energy-saving construction technology is not only the answer, we also founded on the idea of ‘Well-being Environment’, every function has designed for saving the world’s energy.
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