Project is under development and expected to be completed by 2018. All Perspectives are for illustration purposes. All perspectives are conceptual only and are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the developer. The developer reserves the right to make additions, deletions and modifications to the perspectives as the developer may deem appropriate or desirable. Dimensions and square footage are approximate and may vary with actual construction.

About Us

WHIZDOM 101 Bangkok, also known as the great good place, was created as an oasis in the midst of Bangkok.

An oasis for the mind and soul, where satisfaction comes from deep within. This satisfaction is derived from home and the surrounding community being the great good place, catering to all of the modern urbanite’s needs and wants. Outside of the usual conveniences, and visceral needs, what makes WHIZDOM 101 so special is that has been carefully created to meet the urbanite’s ideals. The innovative retail complex and homes provide a deep sense of fulfillment through a focus on values that unite us as humans, making us feel safe, nurtured, and cared for, while helping us to give back with eco-conscious and community –focused services, all in lush, green surroundings.

Welcome, to your perfect world within a world, at the great good place…WHIZDOM 101.

Great for you, great for business, great for the community, great for earth…great for a life of fulfillment.

WHIZDOM 101 is a one-stop world for all your needs, wants, and aspirations. With restaurants, shopping, exercise club, working spaces, libraries, interactive event spaces, and parks, great good living begins at your doorstep – literally. Connect with one another with Whizdom Society, in places conducive to learning and living your best, from studio spaces to interactive events and exhibitions.

Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited (MQDC) have undergone extensive research to determine what creates fulfillment for today’s busy, time-poor urbanite, and came up with the concept of WHIZDOM 101– the great good place. WHIZDOM 101 aims to be ‘THE THIRD PLACE’, where people can drop their worries at the door and feel ‘at home’, in an atmosphere that is convivial to relaxation and comfort. To deliver this, WHIZDOM 101has gone beyond the conventional condominium, department store, office complex, or community mall offering, providing a complete one-stop shop that answers needs, wants, and desires, all at once. WHIZDOM 101 is an innovative retail complex that brings together nature with the digital life, combining innovation with thoughtfulness to inspire and nurture visitors and residents in the surrounding areas.

WHIZDOM 101’s aim is for all in the WHIZDOM 101 community to be their best and live their best, fulfill their potential and feel unhindered. It’s a space that inspires and enables, through optimizing and innovating the way we live, work, rest, and play, in green surroundings conducive to our wellbeing.

The driving force for developer MQDC, together with architecture firms Gensler, and A49 when creating developments is to bring to life MQDC’s ethos of “creating holistic innovations for wellbeing”. MQDC’s technical specialists and R&D experts push boundaries everyday – to craft safer, more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing spaces for people. The WHIZDOM 101 project takes this to the next level, being the first urban mixed-used neighbourhood with the latest in technology and innovation, to create a holistic offering that connects people to one another, while enabling them to live their potential, in green oases that relaxes and refreshes.

MQDC has created a smart holistic lifestyle experience that optimizes all aspects of life to be better, for the individual and for the world around them. This is in line with its mission to be at the forefront of innovation, elevating the standard of its residences while maximizing customer satisfaction within the community and society in general.