Project is under development and expected to be completed by 2018. All Perspectives are for illustration purposes. All perspectives are conceptual only and are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the developer. The developer reserves the right to make additions, deletions and modifications to the perspectives as the developer may deem appropriate or desirable. Dimensions and square footage are approximate and may vary with actual construction.

Great Good Socializing

    A 24-hour library, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, banks, beauty services, post offices, sports clubs, outdoor bike paths, green enclaves – WHIZDOM 101’s layout and the retail businesses within have been especially selected and invited to become a part of the complex to provide variety in the offering, based on how they can add to residents’ and visitors’ lives. It is all part of bringing our concept to life, of being THE THIRD PLACE, or the place between home and work, where everything you may want or need is found outside of home or work is waiting for you here. It’s our way of providing extended services to our community to make life easier, and more complete for residents.