7 Advantages of Buying a Residence with Large Green Spaces
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7 Reasons You Should Buy a Residence With Green Spaces

Publish : 2 years ago | Blog

A Young Family Enjoy Playing In Green Spaces Near Their Residence

The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the average green area should be 9 square meters per person. Currently, Thailand has approximately 16 square meters of green space per person. But, if we look at Bangkok, it is only 6 square meters per person.


Why does WHO prioritize green spaces? And how is green space necessary for a good quality of life? Let's find out why you should buy a residence with wide green spaces.


1. Enables exercise amid nature every day

Many people like to live in condominiums because they are well located and affordable; plus, there are facilities and common areas for them to use. Many also like the security and privacy a condominium offers, so they choose to buy condos instead of houses.


For the health-conscious, the fitness center or gym is an important consideration. But wouldn't it be better if we could choose whether to exercise in the gym or get fresh air while exercising? Perhaps a morning run or yoga in the garden. Did you know that outdoor exercise or exercising in green areas has more health benefits than you think? Such as:


- It helps burn more calories because exercising outside provides a distraction that allows you to run further without realizing it.

- It helps reduce stress as it stops you from feeling confined to your room and allows you to decompress.

- You can get some Vitamin D. If you exercise in the morning, you will get vitamin D from the sun, which helps maintain a better immune system.

- It helps reduce depression, create a positive mood, and reduce anxiety and depression.

- It increases enthusiasm. Indoor exercise may be boring, but exercising outdoors is always much more fun! 


2. Reduces stress and stabilizes your mood

Whether it's a synthetic color or a plant, green is pleasing to the eye. It's no wonder trees were selling particularly well during the lockdown, as green helps reduce stress.


Several studies have shown that green space is positively linked with stress reduction and significantly improves mental health. Research also found that the population lives longer and ages slower in greener areas. It also found links to children's learning abilities and reduced crime in the area.


For this reason, having a green area or a garden nearby, even if you can only see it, rather than being able to experience it physically, can help your physical and mental health. And the larger the green area, the more it can increase your quality of life.


3. Facilitates meeting new friends


Beautiful gardens create a wonderful atmosphere and environment to meet new friends and come together to do outdoor activities. We all know that humans are social animals that like to live together in groups that depend on each other. Whether it's a new friend or an old friend, having a sincere friend with the same interests makes us feel alive and improves our mental health. Sitting or doing activities in the garden is one way to meet new friends.


Unexpected advantages of friendships:

  •     Reduces the risk of cancer
  •   Interaction: The more you chat with your friends, the better your health
  •       Reduced sickness as the body secretes endorphins, helping to strengthen the body
  •       Reduces the risk of heart disease
  •     Making memories helps stimulate the brain to work efficiently

A Family Enjoying A Residence With Green Spaces.


4. Enables activities

Living surrounded by green spaces encourages you to leave the room for family activities such as walking, biking, jogging, exercising, picnicking in the garden, or exploring nature. These activities are good for each family member's physical and mental health, and they also help build relationships within the family.

Your relationship with family members affects everyone's life, especially children's, and a good relationship will help them build the mental stability to be confident and expressive. Most importantly, they will be able to see the value in themselves and the value of others.

5. Increases self-esteem 

Several studies have shown that green spaces can help increase self-esteem, especially in older adults with self-esteem issues.


Why is self-esteem important? 

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • It boosts your mental immunity or what many people call a "strong mindset" because even if you get rejected or fall, you will be able to build yourself up again. 
  •  It helps develop relationships with people around you, and you will have the courage to express your true feelings.
  • You will be less likely to live in a way that causes health conditions.


6. Helps the elderly to be healthy

Green spaces are vital to everyone, especially children and the elderly. For children, being amidst green spaces positively affects their development, and for the elderly, it directly affects physical and mental health.


Green space helps boost our mind and body. For this reason, as people age, many look for a home surrounded by nature to wake up in the morning to the scent of flowers and grass and birds chirping, and enjoy nights with the melodic sound of cicadas.


Numerous studies have found that older adults living in green spaces live longer, have better health, and have fewer respiratory problems. In terms of mental health, green spaces also reduce depression and anxiety.


If you are looking for a retirement residence, look for wide green spaces for happiness and a long, fulfilling life.


7. Allows children to grow up in nature

Nature affects the development of children more than you might realize, especially in young children under five. The Lancet Planetary Health Journal study found that children who lived in greener areas had better development. That may be because a big city full of hustle and bustle and pollution can unknowingly cause stress. 

Green spaces can affect the development of children by:


  • Increasing a child's IQ, which affects their memory and learning skills
  • Encouraging better behavior and less aggression
  • Developing small and large muscles from running around, picking things up and exploring nature
  • Allowing them to practice observing, stimulating neurological and brain development
  • Promoting good physical health. Trees will help absorb pollution, dust, and noise from urban areas.


Are you looking for a condominium in Bangna with a wide green space and a large forest garden with activities and facilities designed for the whole family? Visit The Forestias, with a green forest area of ​​more than 30 rai. Please make an appointment to visit us via the website or by calling 1265.

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