Project Brand

Well Being Habitat

Because MQDC believes that every living thing in this world can coexist sustainably 'For All Well-Being.' We don't just aim to build residences; we strive to create a good quality of life for humans, animals, and the environment. Therefore, we initiate our projects with innovation and technology that considers sustainable living to foster an environment that supports all lifestyles, leading to sustainable happiness in every aspect.


Enthusiasm for your finest living.

We would like you to experience the special feeling of living your best life in every aspect under the quality flagship project located in super-luxury residence areas, with attention to every detail. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the imposing design and architectural splendor, known as one of the most unique architectural projects, leading to a sense of pride you deserve.toggle

mulberry grovemulberry grove

Devotion to a united Multi-Generational Living Experience.

At MQDC, we believe that fostering connections among family members of all generations brings lasting happiness. Mulberry Grove offers more than just living together; it allows each individual to be themselves in every inch of space by providing suitable environments for family members to live together under one roof, as well as personal spaces that reflect different identities and stories, allowing them to share love and warmth across every generation sustainably.toggle


Dynamically Passionate Living Experience

MQDC is committed to development that meets the lifestyle and needs of a new generation of active and interconnected individuals, as a seamless living experience that flows with every rhythm of life without interruption is what we want to offer you, the 'new generation.' We, therefore, intentionally select living designs in convenient locations to cater to the lifestyle, along with applying design innovations for sustainability, universal design for flexibility in every dimension, and convenience in every aspect.toggle

the aspen treethe aspen tree

Passionate commitment to holistic wellness in all aspects of life.

More than just a residence, this is a project where you will find happiness and add value to your life. At MQDC, we are dedicated to crafting lifestyles and living spaces for seniors under the ‘age-in-place’ philosophy that will care for you throughout your lives. This involves fostering close connections with nature, family, and society for sustainable well-being.toggle

the forestiasthe forestias

Passionate living for lifelong happiness amid nature's heart with high efficiency.

From the inspiration of MQDC, which aims to integrate life seamlessly with nature, The Forestias offers views of the forest that allow you to relax with superior privacy, enriching your life with every function for lasting happiness.toggle