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Your ultimate residence for healthy living

Publish : 6 months ago | Blog

Because “home” is not just a place to live in, but a place that provides stability, safety, comfort, and most importantly, an age-appropriate environment. For the elderly or retirees, a good home should be well designed, with delicate attention paid to every detail to provide a safe and convenient lifestyle that allows for relaxation and fullness of life.

 As urban lifestyles have changed to emphasize living in environments connected to nature with inclusive facilities, the “premium senior living community” has become an option that suits the needs of retirees and elderly individuals who need extra care. Furthermore, this living option is becoming a modern housing trend since older people can live happily with both privacy and necessary supervision and healthcare provided.

  If you are keen to know more details about this kind of residential community or what it looks like, let’s find out the answer together!

A Premium Senior Living Community Should Have a Proper Environment

People usually feel proud when they can take care of themselves without relying on those around them. Likewise, many elderly individuals want to take care of themselves daily in a supportive environment. In such an environment, residence layouts are designed specifically for older adults with friendly residential social activities to promote physical and mental wellness and provide close-to-nature surroundings to relax in.


Inclusive Facilities and Healthcare Are Provided

Family members and elderly people feel concerned about the need for safety and specialist care, especially for older adults who live alone in their homes. Aside from the accidents that may occur, there are also concerns about underlying medical conditions that require close supervision from specialists. Therefore, a premium senior community, a strong emerging trend, usually comes with inclusive medical care services, including a 24/7 professional healthcare team to fully assist the residents, giving them and their families the greatest peace of mind.


Residential Design with Attention to Detail, Activities, and Convenience

Did you know that exercising and joining in activities with others can help reduce stress and anxiety in older adults? For this reason, if you are looking for a residence for healthy living  for your elderly family members, or your retirement life, we recommend a facility with interior and public space design favorable for activities like exercising, going for a walk, meeting people of the same generation, or creating your own social group. And, of course, spaces that conveniently and safely support these activities foster residents' physical and mental wellbeing as well.

A Residence For Healthy Living   The Aspen Tree

The Aspen Tree, the Leader in Premium Senior Living Community

Our project emphasizes lifetime care for the residents aged 50 and over who need a long-term plan or aging family members who want to live independently. This residence for healthy living unites exceptional designs and world-class services to provide the high level of comfort that you deserve in your retirement phase. Our senior living community project includes many highlighted features as follows:


Health and Wellness Activity Programs by World-Class Expert Organizations

Besides the prominence of space designs, The Aspen Tree Condominium also provides Preventive Care Health and Wellness Activity Programs, designed by the world-renowned organizations of brain health and elderly care experts with over 100 years of experience, to efficiently reduce risk factors in older adults. The program is held at the Wellness Clubhouse, a common space to organize creative activities that project residents can regularly join. The Wellness Clubhouse includes a Fitness and Yoga Studio where the residents can attend yoga classes and exercise under expert supervision and an Arts and Crafts Room with arts and crafts activities.


Health & Brain Center within the Project

One highlight of our senior living community project is the Health & Brain Center, a world-class elderly rehabilitation center. It meets all the resident's physical and mental health needs according to the principles of elder care, with around-the-clock modern operation by our professional specialist team, focused on brain and memory care for short-term rehabilitation.

A Wellness Retreat Residence In Bangkok   The Aspen Tree

Breakfast Service by Professional Dieticians

We value the importance of the first meal of the day, so we cooperate with professional dieticians in creating breakfast plans for the residents from Mondays to Fridays from 6-9 am. Grab-and-Go breakfast, including sandwiches, onigiri, rice porridge, and much more, is served with drinks like fresh coffee and milk, which the residents of every project can choose conveniently, free of charge.


Free Maintenance Fee with Room Cleaning Service Every Week

No, you did not misread. Our senior living community project does not charge any maintenance fees. Moreover, our professional cleaning team offers weekly room cleaning services to always keep your place clean with no additional fee so residents can live comfortably and happily in our project.


Looking for a Retirement Community? Choose The Aspen Tree Condominium

If you want to select the best choice for relaxed living, The Aspen Tree wellness retreat residence in Bangkok is the answer. You can visit the project by scheduling an appointment in advance or calling 1265.

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