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Publish : 3 years ago | News

Mr. Keerin Chutumstid, President of Property & Service Business Group of MQDC, said the collaboration would help develop knowledge and practical insights to combat global warming.

"Thailand faces great threats from climate change," he said. "Rising temperatures could also trigger a vicious cycle of surging power demand for residential cooling. The Forestias can contribute critical research and action."

Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Senior Vice President of The Forestias, said: "The inspiration of MQDC to develop The Forestias is to create the worlds first city under the concept of The Land of Everlasting Happiness.

We aim for The Forestias to help measure greenhouse gas emissions, including the certification of greenhouse gas emissions reduction. We will provide The Forestias as a pilot area for academic support."

The 3-year partnership will study how EEC-DTs efficient power and utility systems, such as district cooling and a centralized utility plant (CUP), contribute to reducing or storing greenhouse gases. A cooling basin also uses architectural design to create a cool climate.

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The project expects to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 40% compared with conventional projects, working under MQDCs principle of For All Well-Being to provide the best life to all living beings.

The Forestias is a sustainable district of 398 rai (158 acres) at Bangna and Thailands biggest property development with an investment of THB125 billion.

Under the concept of The Land of Everlasting Happiness, The Forestias is being designed and built for healthy living in every aspect. Leading global experts and institutions will ensure every element promotes quality of life.

The Forestias will include a 30-rai forest, anchoring a diverse and rich ecosystem - the first forest of this size to be integrated into a city development.

The Forestias will have villas and condominiums for a range of lifestyles and family profiles. The full neighborhood of amenities includes offices, shops, restaurants, a sports complex, a theater, markets, and healthcare facilities.