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Spend Your Laters Years As Part of A Healthy Living Community

Publish : 7 months ago | Blog

A new chapter of life starts when you turn 50; it’s usually a peaceful period in your life when you get to take a break from hard work. As this new chapter of your life approaches, you may start to think about where you would like to spend your later years and the type of healthy living community you wish to be a part of. Here are some top tips for choosing a Bangkok residence with healthy living at its heart.

An Older Couple Enjoying A Healthy Meal Together

1. Choose Universal Design

As we age, aches and pains become the norm and often your health and strength can start to deteriorate. Right now you’re still active, but how about when you’re 70+? It’s important to consider the future and choose a residence that uses Universal Design to create a convenient, spacious, safe and comfortable residence.

Examples of Universal Design:

  • Entrances: ramps for wheelchairs should be at least 1:12, meaning the height from the floor is 1 meter and the ramp is 12 meters long, with handrails installed.
  • Door: the door size should be more than 90 cm, with a sliding door, and a lever instead of a doorknob.
  • Window: the height from the floor should be around 75-100 cm. which provides a clear view.
  • Floor: the floor material should not be slippery even when wet. 
  • Bathroom: The bathroom door should be a sliding door, or a swing door that opens outwards in case of an emergency. The bathroom should be spacious and have separate dry and wet areas. The fixtures and fittings should all be designed for older adults and handrails should be installed throughout. An emergency alarm button should also feature.
  • Bedroom: should be located next to the bathroom. A lamp and emergency button should be installed, and the bed height should be about 40-50 cm. with a space of more than 90 cm. around the bed except for the bedhead.

The Aspen Tree at The Forestias has thoughtfully designed each home to cater to the needs of the residents, both now and in the future. The design of the walkways and doors support wheelchair users, floors and bathrooms are designed to avoid slips, and 24-hour security ensures you feel safe even if you are at home alone.

Transportation Links & Access to Services

As you get older, you need access to facilities, whether that's those you need for daily life or medical support services. Unfortunately, our driving ability tends to deteriorate when we get older due to poor vision, especially at nighttime. 

Therefore, it's important to choose a residence that allows you to easily access services by foot, including medical services, shopping malls, restaurants, and convenience stores. It's even more important that the residence you choose is not far from family and friends, as that can significantly impact your mental health.

Surround Yourself With Nature

Green space heals people both physically and mentally. Research in Australia found that adults who live surrounded by green spaces such as public parks and forests, feel less lonely than people in other areas, especially those living alone. It found that green areas, including giant trees, bushes, or flower gardens, also positively affect our mental well-being.

In addition, green areas support physical health because trees act as air-purifiers that reduce dust and pollution and even lower the temperature.

Therefore, it’s vital to find a Bangkok residence that supports healthy living with an abundance of green spaces. The Aspen Tree provides many green spaces, including a workout area that provides space for different workout styles.

Your Health & Wellbeing

An Older Couple Enjoying Near Bangkok

As we age, health problems start to occur, which, unless they’re prevented, can lead to severe health problems in the future. Prioritize self-care with healthy eating habits, a regular workout routine, and mindfulness activities. The Aspen Tree focuses on preventive care by integrating Health & Wellness programs through various daily recreational activities and facilities that suit every lifestyle.

Opportunities to be Active

An Older Couple Enjoying A Healthy

By this age, your children are grown up, and your grandchildren are at school, leaving you time to enjoy different activities. Various recreational activities can stimulate your mind and body. For example:   

  • Planting home-grown vegetables, mushrooms, orchids, succulent or small plants that do not need much physical exertion.
  • Home-cooking with healthy ingredients and seasonings is beneficial for the mind and body.
  • Drawing, coloring, and easy crafting can relax your mind and body. 
  • Reading and watching movies can be a great way to unwind. 
  • Workouts or picnics in the garden allow you to get outside and breathe in the fresh air.
  • Music activities such as piano lessons, drum classes, or singing. Now is your chance to try it all!

 If the above activities appeal to you, then it’s important to choose a residence that will support your desire to pursue new activities and hobbies. At The Aspen Tree, we have a very active community that enjoys various courses. We partner with Baycrest in Thailand, a global leader in residential living and healthcare with a special focus on Brain Health and Aging to gather new knowledge that can improve the lives of our residents.

Live a worry-free life as you age. The Aspen Tree at The Forestias is a new healthy concept residence for those over 50. Contact us today to discover how you can live a full and rich life in your senior years.

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