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Publish : 1 year ago | Blog

“The Forestias” - World’s first project with ideal living environment integrated with a balanced ecosystem and new technologies to enhance the well-being of every generation.

There are 9 Sustainability Concepts within The Forestias.
• Nature & Animals : Before the construction begins, we had discovered over 53 plant species and 123 animal species within the project area. With our sustainability concept, we will let human and all living things live happily in harmony with the natural world without interrupting the balance of ecosystem.
• Community & Intergeneration : All generations can meet up, spend time together, bridge the generation gap and make the community a better place to live.
• Livable Neighborhood : We facilitate all residents with connectable areas. Everyone can make use of common areas and get to know more of one another.
• Health, Well-Being & Happiness : Living among good environment and rich aroma from surrounding trees can contribute to a better quality of life which is a key to sustainable happiness.
• Innovative Energy System : All energy consumption within the project are renewable which means we can help save energy resources efficiently, prevent global warming and reduce environmental pollution within the project.
• Integrated Water Management : All waste water can be recycled and used for watering plants which help saving fresh water resources.
• Transport & Active Mobility : Besides surrounding the project area with flourish trees, The Forestias will also become a smart city in Bangkok  where all residents can travel elsewhere by driverless shuttle bus.
• Materials & Resources : All materials and resources used in the project are free from toxic, Carcinogenic. Besides, we ensure to make use of all materials efficiently and economically.
• Education & Discovery : The Forestias will become more that a resident area as we input plenty learning centre areas in the project for young children to develop learning skills and foster healthy relationship with their families.

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