The Forestias Residential Project in Bang Na Promotes Well-Being
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The Four Health and Wellness Types Supported at The Forestias Residential Project in Bang Na

Publish : 2 years ago | Blog

The Forestias Residential Project Supports Well Being

We all want to be healthy. But good health alone is not enough today; we also need to look after other dimensions of well-being. The United Nations (UN) has designated Good Health and Well-being as one of their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be achieved by 2030.

Many may wonder what is included in the UN’s definition of Good Health and Well-being. There are plenty of interpretations, but the overall goal is for people to have happiness from good physical and mental health. Today, we will look at the top four trending elements of well-being in 2022 and how The Forestias residential project in Bang Na promotes them all.


1. Social Wellness

Humans are by nature social beings who live together, support one another, and share resources, stories and friendships. Therefore, community is one of the factors that lead to well-being.


Social Wellness refers to how we live together happily with the support of family, friends, communities, or even society as a whole.


Why Social Wellness Matters

Humans are social beings who need support and encouragement from people around them. Healthy relationships with family and friends promote our well-being by giving us mental support through our ups and downs. Being in a good society also boosts our self-esteem, allowing us to express ourselves and handle problems with more mental fortitude.


Simple Steps to Cultivate Social Wellness

Here are some easy techniques to improve your social wellness:


  • Explore your identity and social needs: We all have different social needs–some like to spend time with their families, whereas some need their privacy.
    • Build a good relationship with your family and friends: Make time to maintain connections with family and friends while staying open to connections with new relationships. 
  • Express yourself: Find ways to express your personality and build your confidence to be comfortable being yourself around others.
  • Join hobby groups or social activities: Look for ways to enjoy fun activities with others.


How The Forestias Promotes Social Wellness

The Forestias is a mixed-use residential project in Bang Na that provides various areas where humans and nature can live together. The Mulberry Grove, one of The Forestias projects, comes with the concept of intergenerational harmony to connect every generation of a family, allowing the eldest members to interact with the youngest ones every day and do activities together within the projects.


Additionally, the Canopy Walk, a walkway that connects each project, allows family or friends living in different projects to meet up conveniently.


2. Emotional Wellness 

Emotions affect our health and lifestyles more than we think. Those who are emotionally stable and able to control their emotions, even in difficult situations, tend to be successful, reliable and, most importantly, happier. 


Emotional Wellness is the ability to acknowledge and effectively manage one’s feelings.

Why Emotional Wellness Matters

Emotional wellness directly relates to our lives, relationships, and mental health. Lack of emotional wellness negatively affects our relationship with people around us, which means that having emotional wellness will promote your social wellness too.


Moreover, emotional wellness is an essential part of mental health. The better your emotional management strategies, the stronger your mental health becomes. More importantly, emotional wellness reduces stress, boosts your immune system, and allows you to work efficiently and achieve your life goals.


Simple Ways to Cultivate Emotional Wellness

Try these easy steps to improve your emotional wellness:


  • Practice Mindfulness: Stay present, let bygones be bygones, and don’t worry too much about the future.
  • Communicate with the others: Share your feelings and ideas and exchange experiences with others.
    • Effectively manage your stress: When you feel stressed, try to distract yourself with other relaxing activities such as taking a shower, going for a walk, drinking coffee, meditating, or playing sports.
  • Stay healthy: Remember that your mind, emotions, and body are all connected, so promoting health in one area will assist with the other areas.
  • Work-life balance: Try to maintain a healthy balance between working, having time to yourself, and having fun.
  • Get enough sleep: Getting enough rest is one of the most effective ways to boost your emotional wellness.


How The Forestias Promotes Emotional Wellness

At The Forestias, we provide an environment that promotes emotional and mental balance. Whenever you feel tired or stressed, you can breathe in the fresh air and look at the green forest areas around the project. You can also go for a walk or do other exercises around the project to boost your emotional wellness. 


Find Body And Mind Balance At The Forestias


3. Physical Wellness 

Many people are familiar with the phrase “health is wealth.” Sickness or problematic health conditions can negatively affect our mental health. Additionally, expensive treatments for health problems can cause stress. This is why having good health is an ultimate goal for many people.


Physical wellness is taking care of your body to boost your immune system, prevent sickness, and keep your body systems working properly.


Why Physical Wellness Matters 

Having great health is a perfect foundation for one’s daily life as it allows us to live stress-free, without the pain and anxiety of chronic illness. 


Poor health can cause stress by interrupting your daily life, making it difficult to participate in work, hobbies and social activities. In addition, medical treatments for diseases and other health issues can be expensive, adding to the stress of poor health.


Simple Ways to Cultivate Physical Wellness

Follow these tips for building physical wellness:


    • Eat healthily: Taking in more portions of fruits and vegetables, and fewer refined carbohydrates and alcoholic drinks can help promote good health.
  • Exercise and do activities regularly: Working out regularly helps strengthen muscles, boost metabolism, and stimulate body systems to function properly.
  • Get adequate sleep: While we are sleeping, our bodies are repairing, healing, and making us stronger.
  • Maintain personal hygiene: Keeping your body clean and well-groomed can reduce the likelihood of disease as well as boost your self-confidence.
  • Relax: Be sure to take time to de-stress and rest when your body is tired.


How The Forestias Promotes Physical Wellness

Living in a natural environment with many areas for various types of exercise gives you the space needed to strengthen your body and mind. Moreover, The Forestias offers healthcare services within the project to help you easily receive any medical services you require.


4. Cognitive Wellness

The brain is the command center that controls movement and the functions of our organs and body systems. As we age, our brain slowly deteriorates, but this process can be slowed if we continue to stimulate our brains throughout our lives. Keeping our brains active reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive disorders.


Cognitive wellness is maintaining a healthy brain that can function effectively.


Why Cognitive Wellness Matters

The brain is an extremely important organ regardless of age because it guides our development, controlling body systems, learning, decision making, and many other aspects of how our bodies work. As we get older, our brain starts to slow down. 


If you still can’t picture brain deterioration, think of Alzheimer's patients with dementia symptoms. This begins with difficulty remembering things and making decisions, then progresses to difficulty controlling organs, which can lead to the inability to swallow or use limbs effectively.


Simple Steps to Cultivating Cognitive Wellness

Cognitive wellness can be built by taking care of your body and mind:


    • Eat healthy food: This improves brain health and helps slow down brain degeneration.
  • Regular exercise: Daily exercise keeps your body healthy and regularly exercises the parts of the brain that control movement.
  • Get quality sleep: Our bodies and brains need enough quality sleep to function properly. 
  • Manage stress: Stress management techniques can help relieve anxiety and keep your brain healthy.
  • Try new activities: Learning new tasks helps to exercise your brain regularly.


How the Forestias Promotes Cognitive Wellness

The Forestias residents have access to the Health & Brain Center within The Aspen Tree Project. This project provides ways to exercise your brain and maintain good mental health. Moreover, being surrounded by nature helps to reduce stress every day.


If you want good health and well-being, visit The Forestias residential project in Bang Na, a perfect home for you and your family. At The Forestias, we provide dedicated homes for various lifestyles in our different projects. If you are interested, please book a visit here or call us at 1265.

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