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Publish : 1 year ago | Blog

The unmixed benefits of mixed-use development

Bangkok is a city that surprises.

Turn any corner in the city and a sudden contrast can strike you. An ancient waterway runs past a gleaming skyscraper. A tranquil shrine sits beside a teeming mall. A sleepy backstreet hides behind a busy highway.

Most of your day, it all adds to Bangkok’s tremendous charm. At least twice a day, though, the city’s ‘organic’ street planning can get a tad irksome.

Ever traveled into town on a weekday morning? Or out again in the early evening?

If so, you’ll surely know the issue. Skytrain carriages and roads are crammed in one direction. Virtually empty in the other.

And that’s the trouble with uni-center cities. Everyone wants to get to the same place at the same time.

You don’t have to agoraphobic to find it tiresome. And this type of travel definitely isn’t in the recipe for ‘sustainable happiness’ – our overriding goal at The Forestias.

How can The Forestias fix this frustration?

Simply put, the solution lies in ‘mixed-use development’.

Also known as ‘live-work space’, mixed-use development is a strategy to bring together all the elements of life in a single district.

At an idea, mixed-use development is both timeless and topical. Timeless because human settlements were once all made this way. Topical because once we discovered tall buildings and mass transport we started making cities where people no longer seem the priority.

Reversing this separation of work, home, and leisure, however, can unlock a much better lifestyle.

Imagine… No dreaded daily commutes. No hectic school runs. No trips to pick up groceries. No charging through traffic as an unpaid taxi service for after-school activities.

Just a warm neighborhood where everything you need in your daily life is close at hand.

To fulfill its vision of ‘sustainable happiness’, The Forestias consisting of Whizdom, Mulberry Grove, The Aspen Tree, and Six Senses Residences.Therefore worked to cram every amenity into its green district.

Inviting forests await to be explored down shady pathways. Boutiques, spas, and cafés will enhance your leisure hours. And there – on site – are offices, plus healthcare, sports facilities, event venues, markets, play areas…

So just like Bangkok, The Forestias will hold plenty of pleasant surprises around each corner. Because we believe that developing for mixed use offers unmixed benefits in time, energy, and quality of life.

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