Trend Update: Lifetime Care in Thailand and An Aging Society
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The Trend of Holistic Lifetime Care in An Aging Society

Publish : 2 years ago | Blog

A Couple Embracing Holistic Lifetime Care Trends

The world is moving towards an aging society, and the younger generation's lifestyle is also changing. Many couples choose not to have children, resulting in a declining birth rate. Therefore, many services for the elderly have been emerging, including holistic lifetime care, a new concept for the over 50s to live independently without becoming a burden to their children or anyone else. Soon, the whole world, Thailand included, will be moving towards an aging society.


Preventive Healthcare

Good health and well-being are what everyone strives for. Wealth means nothing if you are physically weak or have poor mental stability. For this reason, we should take care of our bodies in terms of diet, workout routine, and daily habits to avoid issues before they arise. 

Healthy Eating Is Increasing 

Nowadays, eating isn't just about consuming delicious food; it's also about our health. Several healthy eating trends have emerged, such as the keto diet, veganism, bio-organic foods, portion control, avoiding extremely salty, sour, and spicy flavors and high-fat foods. Healthy eating focuses on enhancing the flavors of the ingredients without additives and using fewer seasonings. Healthy eating includes:


  • Eating a variety of foods from each of the five food groups. You should try to consume portions of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals and superfoods like flaxseeds, black and white sesame, kales, berries, quinoa, and green tea.
  • Limiting fat intake. Make sure you eat food with enough healthy fats to meet your body's daily nutritional needs.
  • Avoiding extreme flavors. Excessively salty, sour, or spicy food can overwork your kidneys.
  • Eating clean and safe food.
  • Refraining from or reducing your alcohol intake.


Regular Exercise

Working out is popular with people of all generations these days. You are recommended to exercise for 15-30 minutes per day, or at least 150 minutes per week, to boost your metabolism, reduce fat accumulation, and strengthen your health. It's especially important for those who work in front of a screen for long periods.


Healthy Lifestyles

Besides healthy eating and regular exercise, many try adjusting their lifestyle to improve their health by walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car, attending regular yoga classes or workouts, doing activities that relax and clear the mind, and traveling and getting closer to nature.


The Aspen Tree at The Forestias strives to support residents' good health and well-being by focusing on life planning and preventive healthcare following our holistic lifetime care aspiration: "We do not just care for you, but we take care of you for life."


Smart Aging

As a result of the pandemic, the world began moving increasingly towards becoming a digital society. Seeing a doctor for follow-ups or check-ups is no longer restricted to the hospital walls. People over 50 learned to use technology more, and the future of healthcare is expected to be “Smart Aging.”

Here are some recent healthcare technology trends:

  • Real-time health tracking devices to help detect health anomalies.
  • Telemedicine or online doctor consultations.
  • Integrating an individual’s health data with their medical treatments for better healthcare and more effective treatments.


A Couple Enjoying Exercise Together

Active Living

The image of someone over 50, 10-20 years ago was of someone living quietly and caring for their grandchildren at home. However, nowadays, attitudes and perspectives have shifted. This generation wants to do activities and care for their physical and mental health.


In some countries, there are organizations that provide holistic lifetime care services. Baycrest in Canada, for example, now partners with MQDC’s The Forestias to design activities that promote good health and wellness for those over 50 by focusing on four core aspects:


  • Physical wellness: maintaining strength and flexibility with proper workout plans.
  • Cognitive wellness: enhancing brain capacity to prevent brain degeneration.
  • Emotional wellness: promoting vitality and a good mood.
  • Social wellness: creating a happy society around you.


Residents living in The Aspen Tree at The Forestias can join any activities they like daily via the Home Intelligence System within their room.


Holistic Lifetime Care

Another recent trend is holistic lifetime care for people over 50. At The Aspen Tree, we provide this and so much more. We partner with Baycrest, an organization with over 100 years of experience providing comprehensive geriatric healthcare and life planning for those over 50. 


On a resident’s first day moving in, they will have a holistic health assessment that will look at their diet, lifestyle, activities, and workout routine so that we can make recommendations for them to live a long and happy life.


Moreover, there is also a Health and Brain Center with a geriatric healthcare and rehabilitation center offering programs and services for physical, mental, and brain health to slow down the brain’s degeneration.


The Aspen Tree at The Forestias understands residents’ needs and works attentively to meet them to international standards. We create an atmosphere that makes our residents feel at home, providing them with warm care and services that includes:


  • Free daily nutritious breakfast 
  • Personal caretaker to assist residents
  • Wellness Clubhouse consisting of indoor and outdoor swimming pools with forest views, a fitness & yoga studio, a multi-purpose room, art & crafts room, a meeting room, restaurants, outdoor event space, and a geriatric clinic.
  • Life insurance covering up to 40 million baht per year until the age of 99.

Balancing Body & Mind

The trend of holistic lifetime care doesn’t refer to only physical healthcare but also mental health. This trend includes providing an environment that caters to your needs, provides warm and attentive care, and activities that make residents happy and fulfilled. On top of this, we also believe that the mind and body are connected. Mental balance greatly helps to heal the body. 


The Aspen Tree at The Forestias does not just care for you, we take care of you holistically for life. You can start your new chapter of life with no worries. If you are interested in our project, please schedule a visit or contact us via our call center on 1265 for more information.

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