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the greatest treasure in your life

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the greatest treasure in your life?” We want you to give yourself a minute to watch this animation because it might change your life forever. If there’s someone popping up in your mind, don’t forget to tag them to pass forward this great happiness.

Your dream community

Imagine yourself got more siblings, relatives and living together as a warm and loving family. How happy will you be?


Rest under the shade of trees, embrace the beauty of over 38 kinds of plants, feel the wind and sunlight that filters through the leaves. Take a deep breath and let go of your body and soul. These innermost happiness are waiting for you to discover.

how wonderful?

Imagine how wonderful it is to enjoy great meals with your loved ones every day!

the real happiness

We believe most people wish for a dream job and to be happy in all aspects of life. In fact, if you stop and look around, the real happiness might be closer than you think.

Community of dreams

Imagine yourself got more siblings, relatives and living together as a warm and loving family. How happy will you be?

concept of the living style

Mr Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun has revealed about the concept of the living style that is much more than a residence along with concepts for sustainable living.


A rescue operation for cherished city landmarks, bringing happiness to nature and the community.


The Forestias by MQDC believes that everyone has their own idea of happiness. Some of us are inspired by living with nature. Some of us focus on our links with family or society. The Forestias has worked with national artists to share their responses to a cartoon about the project. Watch a clip of their reactions to see how happiness is all around us.


We all love to share special moments with the people we care about, with our friends and family. The Forestias helps people spend time together, enjoying leisure and each other’s company. For we believe that happiness comes when we connect all generations in a community living by beautiful green spaces.



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