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Welcome to THE FORESTIAS, the ‘Enchanted Community District in the Forest’, where nature, animals, and humans will live together in a world-first sustainable district for happy, healthy living.

THE FORESTIAS offers every amenity for an upscale lifestyle in a forested neighborhood across 398 rai at Bangna-Trad Road Km 7 with a project value of THB125 billion. Designed with an ‘intergeneration’ concept to build family bonds and connect all generations, the development features 4 distinct residential concepts: Mulberry Grove (Villas & Condominiums), Whizdom Condominiums, The Aspen Tree Residences, and Six Senses Residences.

THE FORESTIAS will be also home to a 6-star boutique hotel, a community and family center, and a host of leisure and lifestyle amenities, including shops, restaurants, markets, offices, community spaces, and 30 rai of forest to explore together.

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The forestias

Monthly progress : Mar 2023

The “Community Center”, “Family Center”, and “Town Center” are spaces where you will relax and connect. Each amenity reflects the values of “The Forestias” to enhance the lifestyles and well-being of residents and visitors.

Key attractions include a vintage cinema and top tutorial colleges. Restaurants will serve organic food that’s both nutritious and delicious, with tasty desserts, drinks, and pastries as well as vegetarian options. We’ll also have plant and flower shops, clinics, fitness studios, and a choice of markets.


Town Center Overall construction: 60.38%

Structural work
Basement B3-Level 4: 100%

Architecture and Interior Work
Basement B3–B1: 85%
Level 1: 30%
Level 2: 10%

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP)
Basement B3: 95%
Basement B2: 80%
Basement B1: 50%
Level 1: 5%


Mulberry grove - condo

Monthly progress : Mar 2023

Building structure is now complete from the ground floor to the roof. The 2-storey underground parking structure is also 100% finished. Sliding glass doors and fixed doors are now being installed. The installation of building systems and interior decoration is also underway. Exterior architectural work is now at the stage of placing soil and plant containers to complete the project’s landscape.

Overall Construction = 25.86%
Piling Work = 100%
Architecture = 10%
MEP Work = 19.71%
External Work = 20.70%

Mulberry grove - villas

Monthly progress : Mar 2023

Construction of 3 show homes as well as the clubhouse and the common area for Phase 1.1 is now complete. Architectural work, system work, interior work, and exterior aluminum glass work is underway for the villa in Phase 1.2.

Phase 2 piling is underway and work has begun on the car park structure, including preparation work for the main contractor.

 Phase 1.1 Overall Construction Progress          100%

Phase 1.2 Overall Construction Progress           76%

  • Piling                                  100%
  • Structure work                     99%
  • Architecture work                85%
  • Façade work                       60%
  • MEP                                   80%
  • Interior                               50%
  • External                              50%

Phase 2 Overall Construction Progress           3%

  • Piling                                  70%
  • Structure work                     0.5%

The aspen tree

Monthly progress : May 2023

Overall Construction Progress 57.83%
Structural Work 100%
System Installation 43.28%
Architectural Work 72.99%

Whizdom The Forestias - Destinia & Mytopia

Monthly progress : May 2023

Overall Construction Progress 76.35%
Structural Work 100%
System Installation 85.90%
Architectural Work 71.05%

Whizdom The Forestais - Petopia

Monthly progress : May 2023

Overall Construction Progress 88.23%
Structural Work 99.97%
System Installation 77.60%
Architectural Work 72.08%

Six Senses Residences The Forestias

Monthly progress : Mar 2023

Phase 1

Architectural and building work for the villas, including interior decoration, is underway. The installation of the clubhouse roof has started. Landscape architecture work and central cold water system connection are underway.

Overall construction 74.61%
Piling 100%
Architecture 62.45%
MEP 75.01%
Exterior work 77.38%