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PROJECT NAME : The Forestias

Monthly progress : Jun 2021

Doves in Urban Areas

3 types of doves can be found at Bangna.

1. Spotted dove (Spilopelia chinensis) is the largest, with distinctive round dots on its neck.

2. Red collared dove (Streptopelia tranquebarica) can be identified by the black ring around its neck.

3. Peaceful dove (Geopelia placida) is the smallest, with dots around its neck.

All 3 birds are common but the peaceful dove is easiest to spot. It may have adapted best to the city’s expansion because it’s smaller and needs less food.

Another dove that can be found is the pink-necked green pigeon (Treron vernans), which is smaller than the spotted dove but larger than the red collared dove. This colorful bird is green, gray, and sometimes purple or orange, brightening up its surroundings.

The Forestias is gathering local plants and trees as shelters, sustenance, and sanctuaries for all kinds of creatures, including all 4 of these birds that live in the project area.