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PROJECT NAME : The Forestias

Monthly progress : Nov 2021

The Forestias is a new forested neighborhood where a multitude of native plants flourish in 4 layers of forest – emergent, canopy, understory, and forest floor.

The project has regrown its forest with the techniques of Prof. Akira Miyawaki of Yokohama National University in Japan. The process starts with planting 3 or 4 seedlings of local trees in each square meter, leaving each spot’s precise selection up to chance. With careful composting, tending, and straw mulching, the trees grow fast. In only 10 years a forest is born.

The forest will be a habitat for butterflies, birds, insects, and small creatures that help plants spread, boosting biodiversity. The trees will enhance the environment by reducing outdoor temperatures. Their leaves will also act as a natural air filter for dust and pollution. The forest and its learning center will welcome visitors for learning, leisure, and exercise.

The Forestias values biodiversity and has gathered a host of native species. Planting in the various forest zones is now nearing completion. In residential areas, the Magnolia and Evergreen Forest is 75% planted. The Edible Forest with fruits, nuts, and berries is 86% planted. The Fragrant Forest of perfumed plants is 60% planted. The Deep Forest wildlife reserve is 85% planted.