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Forest Neighbors Visit Magnolias French Country

11 months ago
Forest Neighbors Visit Magnolias French Country

Forest Neighbors Visit Magnolias French Country

May 2022, Khao Yai – Residents at Magnolias French Country are enjoying visits from forest creatures who feel at home in the estate’s flourishing natural ecosystems.

Monkeys and white squirrels come each day to the grounds of the 18 luxury villas, set in verdant woodland with clear streams and a shimmering lake.

Deer have visited several of the homes. A hornbill passes by every week or two. Parakeets rest and feed by the river.

Juristic officers are welcoming these valued guests while ensuring the safety of each resident by sharing information on living with nature and managing wildlife. Staff are available to answer questions or give help at any time.

If there are any risks for property or people, the juristic person will immediately call in experts or park officials, although most wildlife is safe to have around.

MQDC develops all its projects under the concept of “For All Well-Being”. Our design in every aspect enhances sustainable quality of life for all life on earth.

Inspired by Provencal architecture, Magnolias French Country combines stately countryside residences with the amenities of Khao Yai U Hotel, all by the spectacular forest of Khao Yai National Park. 

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