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Watch MQDC Launch Anti-COVID AVA Carpets in India

3 months ago
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  • Watch MQDC Launch Anti-COVID AVA Carpets in India
Watch MQDC Launch Anti-COVID AVA Carpets in India

Watch MQDC Launch Anti-COVID AVA Carpets in India

March 2021 – MQDC India held an online event to introduce India to AVA Carpets, whose unique fibers protect homes from viruses including COVID-19. MQDC India is the country’s sole agent for the carpets, developed by RISC with The Carpet Maker.

Ms. “Amy” Chulamas Jitpatima, who heads MQDC India, stars in the launch with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to the Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC).

Dr. Singh explained how AVA emerged from his center’s work upcycling ocean plastic.

“We tried to clean up plastic from the Gulf of Thailand, from the Pacific Ocean, from the Indian Ocean,” he said.

“One of the innovations we did was turning it into carpets with our amazing partner The Carpet Maker. Two years ago, after we launched it, then came COVID-19. And we thought: What else can we do? Can we go a little bit further to stop the pandemic using these reformulations of yarns?”

AVA carpet fibers contain zinc to stop viruses replicating with 90-97% efficiency, according to lab tests in Hong Kong, Thailand, and the UK. The carpets also protect against allergies as their fibers deter fungus and dust mites.

These protective qualities are long-lasting, tested with 100 washes, as they are integral to the yarn rather than an external treatment.

“With these AVA upcycled carpets you are serving 2 purposes for sustainability,” said Dr. Singh.

“One, you save the environment. You salvage existing material. You create a circular economy. The second purpose is, you create a better environment for all of us to live or work in. So with this new product you serve dual purposes. And I think that’s important for the future of construction – you need to serve both people and the environment.”

Mr. Sorranut Kraitrakul of The Carpet Maker said that India’s large population represents an attractive market for AVA products at a time when people are focusing on the well-being of themselves and their families, colleagues, and staff.

“After more that 10 years of working with the DTGO group we see that its core values and philosophies match our organization’s focus,” he said.

“We are both focused on doing business that contributes to sustainability and the growth of our partners. That is why we have always worked together and have made MQDC our main distributor in India.”

Watch the launch here: Click

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