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The use of space in this life (and after life)

2 years ago
The use of space in this life (and after life)

The use of space in this life (and after life)

“Saving space and costs, social life, and mental well-being through spiritual values shared with a community are the main factors that drive the development of shared spaces.” 


As the population of the world is increasing, the use of space for both living and working is inevitable. In the future, it is likely that more and more people will reside on this Earth, and at the same time there will be many among us who will depart from this world as well. Therefore, saving space and costs, social life, and mental well-being through spiritual beliefs shared with a community are the main factors that will drive the development of shared spaces in society in the future, resulting in these real estate trends that are likely to rise in the future.  


  • Shared addresses in co-living spaces

It is a living space where various people can share. Everyone will be able to use common areas that encourage residents to form a community and exchange items and stories, whether work-related or personal, unlike today when people in the city live as individuals. We believe that these areas will be favored by young people of working age, because it enables economical use of space and money, and it will also create a small community. One example of this type of business is Airbnb, where spaces are shared in your home, residence, or building. On the other hand, in 2021, sharing space may cause concerns in the COVID-19 pandemic. We may have to wait and see how quickly this industry is likely to revive, although everyone in the world is protected from vaccination. 


  • Flippingspaces on their heads to make them brand new 

Although the world's population will likely increase, no population of any era wants to live in buildings that are old, worn out, or decayed. It is therefore not surprising that one of the future trends in space use is the restoration of old buildings to look brand new and function as if they were brought to life again. In addition to adding value to those buildings, restoration also reduces vacancy rates. Buyers or tenants can come and use them at an affordable cost. It also increases the value of buildings for owners. At present, more and more old buildings are being renovated in Bangkok and elsewhere, such as Siri House, two commercial buildings that have received the Outstanding Architectural Award 2016 from the Association of Siamese Architects. 


  • Departed but remained 

Obviously, once we broach the subject of population growth, we mustn't forget where those people will go as they travel to the end of their lives. It wouldn't at all be shocking if in the future there were a business trend to care for people's departed relatives. These up-and-coming death care businesses won’t only provide an address that relatives can conveniently visit. They will also offer various services to meet the needs of people with warm or cold bodies. This type of business that has become popular internationally is Undertaking LA funeral home with farewell acceptance education influencer Caitlin Doughty. 


These trends will meet needs on all levels for everyone from owners to buyers, sellers, tenants, residents, and the deceased. 

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