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MQDC Targets “Carbon Negative” by 2050

5 months ago
MQDC Targets “Carbon Negative” by 2050

MQDC Targets “Carbon Negative” by 2050

15 March 2023, Bangkok – MQDC, the property developer within DTGO, has announced "Nature Positive & Carbon Negative by 2050", a key climate change goal.

Mr. Visit Malaisirirat, CEO of MQDC, said: "MQDC has moved to help address the global crisis through its new mission for sustainability, with a positive effect on nature and net-negative carbon dioxide emissions.”

MQDC has operated for 30 years under a dedication to "For All Well-Being", the sustainable well-being for all life.

MQDC's projects feature innovations for sustainability (sustainnovation) at their core. The Forestias, for example, provides a template for reducing global warming with the 64-hectare’s extensive forest.

Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), one of MQDC's 6 research and innovation centers, provides strategic planning and innovation.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to RISC, said: "Countries around the world have set a common goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero carbon by 2050. MQDC has chosen an aggressive mission for the same year of net negative."

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh said that RISC can help achieve this mission through "Life Cycle Thinking" and "Life Cycle Assessment".

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