The Aspen Tree Holds “Dance for Health”

The Aspen Tree Holds “Dance for Health”

May 2023, Bangkok – The Aspen Tree at The Forestias held “Dance for Health”, a Latin dance workshop for VVIP guests.

Mr. Uapan Snidvongs Na Ayuthaya, a top dance coach and Vice President of International Dance Asia (IDA), participated with Asian Educational and Coaching Director Mr. Pietro Lufrano as well as Ms. Irina Shved, a world champion from Ukraine’s national dancing team, and Mr. Mirco Lufrano, an Italian Latin champion.

These experts explained the benefits of Latin dance and taught the VVIPs in a safe, fun, and friendly atmosphere.

Ms. Hye June Park, President of The Aspen Tree, welcomed the guests with project executives at The Aspen Tree at The Forestias.

PUBLISHED : 1 year ago

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