The Aspen Tree Holds “Retire with Radiance”

The Aspen Tree Holds “Retire with Radiance”

18 September 2023, Bangkok - The Aspen Tree at The Forestias held “Retire with Radiance: Your Guide to a Happy, Healthy, Hassle-Free Life” for MQDC customers.

Dr. Phaisit Trakulkongsmut, an expert in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, explained healthcare for independent adults in different aspects.

Special guests Mr. Rath Maneerat and Ms. Apinya Cholsaipan shared experiences of long-term life planning and reasons for choosing The Aspen Tree.

Mr. Vithaya Sintharapantorn, SVP of Marketing of MQDC, also spoke. The visitors toured a show unit.

The visitors were welcomed by Mr. Kristian Toivanen, EVP of The Aspen Tree at The Forestias, and Ms. Kessiri Kukeatnun, EVP of MQDC, with executives and project team members.

PUBLISHED : 8 months ago

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