How to Use Sound to Boost Your Mood

How to Use Sound to Boost Your Mood

You don’t need to train to use “sound therapy”. You can just use your favorite everyday sounds. A low bass note from YouTube or natural noises like laughing, chewing, or swallowing can all banish stress or even boost your memory. Want to know more? Read on…

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Alpha waves are healthy waves that help you relax. They come when you’re at rest, where you’re meditating or about to fall asleep. They’re great for your mental state. They help you stay calm, relax, or concentrate. They boost positive thinking too. Just say “ah woo oh” 3 times and you’ll recover faster from stress.

Theta waves come when you’re really relaxed, such as in deep meditation. They aid creativity, helping you forget your worries and solve your problems.

Got to YouTube and find a soothing sound for your brain. If you’re 50+ it’ll help you concentrate, stimulating brain waves that heal and refresh your mind.

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Did you know that the sound of chewing can help control stress? When you get a dry mouth, cover your mouth with your hands. Put your thumb under your chin to stimulate saliva. When you swallow it, the sound can stimulate theta waves that help you stay calm.

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Humming can help your left and right brain to balance, helping prevent forgetfulness. Practice by humming 4 times, starting with a short “yea”. Then put your finger over your right nostril. For the third round, switch to the left nostril. And in the fourth round, plug both nostrils and make a long sound. The four rounds will produce a loud oscillation like listening to alpha and theta waves.

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The sound of laughter and happiness can make us feel good even if we’re just pretending. When you’re stressed, take a deep breath and laugh out loud 4 times – or 8 if you really need a boost! Do this before bed and you’ll trigger alpha waves, helping you sleep better and wake up fresher.


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