4 Secrets of Holistic Well-Being

4 Secrets of Holistic Well-Being

Once we hit 50, the gift we really want as we clock up each new year is good health.

So The Aspen Tree brings you some secrets for staying well at 50+. Holistic healthcare starts from the moment you wake up. Keep it up through the day and you’ll boost your quality of life too...

“Wake and flex“

It’s a bright new morning. Open your eyes for a new day. then sit up slowly. Breathe slowly in and out. Calm your mind. Then turn to turn left and right, stretching your body.

This twist will stretch and loosen your muscles. It’ll keep your spine flexible, relax your muscles, and help your brain and body get oxygen. If you’ve got the time, why not do some yoga too?

Stretching your muscles and breathing deeply can brighten up each morning.

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“Fruits and veg help you sleep”

Make sure your meals give you lots of fruit and vegetables. They’ll give you energy and boost your digestion, helping you get a better night’s rest.

“Feed your mind”

Mental well-being matters. Meditation helps us keep our lives and bodies in balance. You can beat stress, banish depression, balance your blood pressure, and boost your mood. You’ll sleep better and, above all, feel more positive, helping you connect with others too.

“Build your muscles“

At 50+, our muscle mass can shrink. We can get less strong but put on weight that’s hard to shift and puts us at risk of illness.

Cardio exercise helps burn fat. But you should also work your muscles. You can lift dumbbells or do bodyweight exercises. Lift your arms and legs alternately to stretch the muscles. Move your arms to keep your shoulders mobile. Point your toes to prevent osteoarthritis. Walking can help exercise the leg muscles.

The Aspen Tree at The Forestias has experts to design a wellness program for you at 50+. Discover activities to boost your physical and mental health in a holistic way. We focus on giving you a healthy, happy lifestyle.


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PUBLISHED : 6 months ago

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