Did you sleep well?

Did you sleep well?

Did you sleep well last night?

If you didn’t, what should you do to wake up each morning feeling great?

Some medicines, supplements, or drink can help you sleep better. But that’s not a long-term solution.

You might actually need to adjust your routine to escape insomnia.

Let's see what habits help you sleep well at 50+…

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Light from your TV, mobile phone, and tablet is secretly suppressing melatonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you sleep. And the noise from media also disrupts your sleep system and stops you sleeping soundly.

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Drinking lots of water is good for you… but not right before you go to bed! You might wake up to go to the bathroom and then struggle to get back to sleep.

Don’t eat before bedtime either. Food you don’t digest can cause heartburn or acid reflux. You’ll sleep worse and your general health may suffer.

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Harsh lights, late bedtimes, and too much AC can all affect your sleep system…

Use warmer light that are kinder to your eyes. Set the AC so that it’s not too hot or too cold. And, above all, go to bed at a good time!

Your life clock can then work normally. You’ll wake up feel refreshed and rejuvenated for a bright new day.

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Exercise is usually good for your health and sleep…

But don’t overdo it 3-5 hours before bedtime. Keeping fit raises your body temperature and might disturb your sleep.

Sleep really matters. Whatever your age, you need to get enough rest. Taking medicines or supplements isn’t the answer. If you’re short of sleep, fix your routines to enjoy sustainable well-being.



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