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MQDC Commits to “Circular” Construction

1 year ago
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MQDC Commits to “Circular” Construction

MQDC Commits to “Circular” Construction

29 March 2022, Bangkok – MQDC was among 23 firms that signed “CECI: Action for Sustainable Future”, an agreement to apply circular economy principles in the Thai construction industry. 

Five sectors in the industry support driving resource efficiency and reducing environmental impacts throughout the supply chain.

“MQDC has clear guidelines for business development in the residences, commercial buildings, offices, department stores as well as service businesses, under the mission ‘For All Well-Being’,” said Mr. Suttha Ruengchaipaiboon, a President of MQDC.

“With a policy that emphasizes the environment, the efficient use of natural resources, and waste management, MQDC has made part of the circular economy process a reality in order to reduce waste from construction projects. 

“For example, the building cover nets used for preventing dust and danger during construction were changed into shopping bags in department stores. Likewise, concretes from the pile heads, which were cut off and taken out as waste outside the construction site, were reprocessed to be used again in construction sites.”

Signatories from architecture and consulting included EEC Engineering Network, a frequent collaborator with MQDC and a partner in the Unisus joint venture including DTGO.

The CECI Group expects change in the Thai construction industry to start with an understanding of circular economy principles, leading to their acceptance and application. All 23 organizations are ready to serve as models for innovation development, passing on knowledge to help move toward green construction for sustainable growth together.

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