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Whizdom Revives Forest at Khao E-To

1 week ago
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  • Whizdom Revives Forest at Khao E-To
Whizdom Revives Forest at Khao E-To

Whizdom Revives Forest at Khao E-To

MQDC’s Whizdom team led volunteers in “Whizdom Re-Forest #6 The Power of the New Generation” at Khao E-To Forest Park on 22 September. 

Whizdom is MQDC’s new-gen brand, dedicated to enhancing youthful lifestyles with innovative green design in great locations. 

Whizdom projects include Whizdom Craftz Samyan, Whizdom COEX Pinklao, and 3 condominiums at The Forestias: Destinia, Mytopia, and Petopia.  

Whizdom Re-Forest aims to restore land, revive forest after wildfires, and rebuild a sustainable ecosystem that mitigates natural disasters, collects rainwater, enhances watersheds, and sustains wildlife.   

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, Chief Operating Officer of MQDC, led Whizdom’s team, residents, partners, and students in planting 4,000 seedlings including wild padauk, inthanin, tabaek, mahogany, and rosewood.  

The volunteers also constructed 4 check dams to slow rainwater runoff. 

Whizdom Re-Forest by MQDC has been working for 6 years to restore woodland and conserve ecosystems. 

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