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MQDC installs 'Fahsai' urban air purifier tower

20 January 2020
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  • MQDC installs 'Fahsai' urban air purifier tower
MQDC installs 'Fahsai' urban air purifier tower

15 January 2020, Bangkok - MQDC has installed an innovative urban air purifier tower at 101 True Digital Park to help address air quality issues such as PM 2.5 particles that can harm human health.

MQDC installs 'Fahsai' urban air purifier tower

The tower, named 'Fahsai', has been co-developed by MQDC's research hub, Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC) with NESTECH.

"Under MQDC's strategy of 'For All Well-Being' we aim to create sustainable well-being for all living beings on earth," said MQDC's CEO, Mr. Visit Malaisirirat.

"With the launch of the 'Fahsai' urban hybrid air purification tower, MQDC is the first property developer in Thailand to address air quality. 'Fahsai' will benefit all citizens, not only MQDC residents but also the people of the city."

'Fahsai' removes pollution and PM 2.5 dust with hybrid auto air purification technology, cleaning up to 120,000 cubic meters of air/hour.

The tower will be installed throughout 2020 in the Family Park in front of Whizdom Essence Sukhumvit at 101 True Digital Park, the innovative lifestyle complex on Sukhumvit connected by a skywalk to Punnawithi BTS station.

'Fahsai' gathers PM2.5 particles with a hybrid energy system that combines a 3,850 Watt solar panel and a battery. High-speed fans suck air into the system, which separates large and small dust particles with air velocity and water spraying in a continuous 3-layer Jet Venturi Scrubber system.

RISC plans to develop an air purifier at the city level, constantly reducing pollution in the city with a budget of over THB10 million.

"The PM 2.5 toxic dust problem that people in Bangkok and neighboring provinces are currently facing daily will worsen," said Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to RISC.

"We believe that 'Fahsai' is a highly efficient technology to purify the air, turning a dark sky with a poisonous mist to a sky as bright as 'Fahsai' [Clear Sky]."

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