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MQDC India Head Shares Insights on Post-COVID Working

20 January 2021
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  • MQDC India Head Shares Insights on Post-COVID Working
MQDC India Head Shares Insights on Post-COVID Working

MQDC India Head Shares Insights on Post-COVID Working

30 December 2020, Bangkok – Ms. Chulamas ‘Amy’ Jitpatima, Head of MQDC India, has published an analysis of COVID’s impact on productivity and life quality with pointers on how companies and their teams can respond.

“Burnout vs Productivity: Truth of WFH”, here, shows how the appeal of WFH (Working from Home) can fade fast.

“It comes with its own set of challenges when prolonged,” she writes, “which is exactly where employers and employees alike need to come together and explore meaningful ways to optimize the situation.”

Office workers might initially embrace the comfort of home and lack of commuting. But the long-term effects of WFH can include a disrupted work-life balance and, potentially, burnout.

Thirty percent of employees surveyed in a recent study by Frank Knight reported a decline in efficiency and productivity.

“While a complete move back to office seems next to impossible at the moment, employers are opting for slow transition to hybrid working with tie-ups with co-working spaces and flexible hours,” she writes.

DTGO and MQDC offer new working options in India through Whizdom Club in Delhi, a co-working space and inspiration hub with mentorship, events, and a host of spaces to chill out, meet up, or enjoy great food.

Designed for well-being with light, space, greenery, and a sophisticated clean air system, Whizdom Club offers companies and their staff a healthy, stimulating environment and an effective antidote to WFH fatigue. 

“An overall recalibration is the final response to address the risk of burnout,” writes Ms. Jitpatima.

“However, it is a two-way street and both employees and employers have to remain equal participants, play candid and stay committed.”

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