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MQDC Debuts “Whizdom COEX” Next-Gen Brand

2 months ago
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  • MQDC Debuts “Whizdom COEX” Next-Gen Brand
MQDC Debuts “Whizdom COEX” Next-Gen Brand

MQDC Debuts “Whizdom COEX” Next-Gen Brand

13 September 2022, Bangkok – MQDC has unveiled “Whizdom COEX” for dynamic, modern next-gen lifestyles. The brand will debut with the “Whizdom COEX Pinklao” mixed-use project on Charan Sanit Wong Road at Bang Yi Khan MRT station.

Mr. Assada Kaeokhiao, Chief Operating Officer, MQDC, said: “The Whizdom COEX is a property concept that reflects the Whizdom brand’s DNA, where we build an entire ecosystem that meets every living need and lifestyle aspiration for next-generation living.”

Whizdom COEX takes inspiration from an “Enjoyable Coexistence” concept to create spaces for all aspects of living, including co-living, co-working, co-learning, and co-playing.

The brand’s 4 core principles are digitalization, naturalization, experience, and adaptability.

Smart building technology includes automated parking and a central utility plant (CUP) to cool residences efficiently and sustainably. Green spaces boost well-being and reduce pollution. “COEX Space” connects the community with social, leisure, and learning amenities. Design is ready for every urban challenge.

“Whizdom COEX Pinklao”, the launch project, has 2 residential towers – “Whizdom Flex” and “Whizdom Fam” – connected to Bang Yi Khan MRT station and integrated with a “COEX Space” for every aspect of living.

Whizdom COEX Pinklao’s sales gallery will welcome visitors from 29 October 2022.

Explore Whizdom COEX Pinklao now >> CLICK 

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