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“The Forestias” Sales Double to THB13 Billion in 3 Months

1 year ago
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  • “The Forestias” Sales Double to THB13 Billion in 3 Months
“The Forestias” Sales Double to THB13 Billion in 3 Months

“The Forestias” Sales Double to THB13 Billion in 3 Months

Bangkok (22 June 2021) – The Forestias by MQDC announced that its sales of new homes doubled in the last 3 months to over THB13 billion as buyers prioritized well-being and family connection amid lifestyle changes from the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Forestias is a 398-rai (64-hectare) community with multiple residential, parkland, community and commercial components, and is located in the booming Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) on Bangna-Trad road kilometre 7.  It is also Thailand’s largest private sector property development project.


Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Project Director – The Forestias, MQDC, said, “During the last three months, more people have purchased homes at The Forestias than in the three years since we announced our intention to create The Forestias as a town that puts the health of its residents first, and where everything is designed, from the ground up, for healthier and happier living.”

“The heightened health consciousness created by Covid-19, as well as an increased sense of family bonding from the lifestyle changes imposed by the pandemic have made our offer of a community that is close to nature and which allows multiple generations to live within easy reach of each other extremely relevant at this time,” he said.


Mr. Ouiyamaphun added that the recent opening of the Foster+Partners designed Forest Pavilion that houses 11 sample units from three residential components has also attracted potential home-buyers to visit the site and “helped them visualise our concept as well as let them see the quality of design and specifications of the various types of homes.”


The Forestias has seven different residential components which offer homes from around Bht 5 million to Bht 250 million, designed around different lifestyle needs and where all have nature closely integrated as their common feature, as well as superlative standards of design and build.


Among the residential components within The Forestias, the Mulberry Grove Condominiums and Villas have been the best-selling with more than Bht 6,300 million sold, and Whizdom condominiums with more than Bht 3,000 million sold.


Mr. Ouiyamaphun said that the Mulberry Grove Villas are designed particularly to suit Thai extended-family living.  Multiple villas of different sizes can be linked together by discrete walkways to allow different generations within a large family to be close to each other while still having the privacy of their own, separate home and compound.


“It’s a unique concept with flexibility to connect together a number of villas of different sizes to match the specific needs of a family.  It has really appealed to buyers and ten of these cluster villas have already been sold,” he said.


Mr. Ouiyamaphun noted that the combined sales of the project’s various residential components have now exceeded 30% of available residences, and that the preferential early-booking prices and privileges would come to an end on Sunday 11th July, 2021.

The Forestias is scheduled to have [most of / all of?] its components completed within the second half of 2023.

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