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RISC Explains How “Innovation Matters” at Online Seminar

1 month ago
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  • RISC Explains How “Innovation Matters” at Online Seminar
RISC Explains How “Innovation Matters” at Online Seminar

RISC Explains How “Innovation Matters” at Online Seminar

29 July 2021, Bangkok – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Singh Intrachooto, Chief Advisor to Research & Innovation for Sustainability Center (RISC), spoke at “IOP Day 2021: Unlock Your Innovation Capability” at a Zoom meeting hosted by National Innovation Agency (NIA) and TRIS Academy of Management.

RISC is a research hub into sustainable building with a well-being focus set up the MQDC.

The center conducts research and curates publicly accessible resources such as the country’s largest eco-materials library to drive new approaches across the sector.

Dr. Singh spoke on “Innovation Matters” by explaining how organizations need to develop innovation as protection and preparation for future issues. Sustainable growth stems from anticipating trends using information around us to plan and direct innovations in areas such as world events, global warming, biodiversity loss, overuse of natural resource, climate change from carbon emissions, and aging populations.

These issues call for innovations to survive, grow, and better meet future needs. Research and development under a Resilience Framework involves these 3 dimensions:

  1. Living & Infrastructure, such as mental health, stress, consumption, stable food chain
  2. Nature & Environment, such as landslides, air pollution, rising sea levels, heat waves, and pandemics
  3. Society & Economy, such as economic crisis, safety, social inequality, and cyber attacks

RISC is a research center that develops and links innovators through sharing knowledge research as a key structure for developing innovation. Another important factor for innovation development is to have a “playground” to reduce fear of failure in developing innovations.

MQDC and RISC together continuously develop innovative real estate projects such as The Forestias. This neighborhood development supports well-being and nurtures innovations such as a cool basin using forest and compressor-free district cooling to reduce outdoor temperatures. The Plant-e project gathers energy from plants. Biodiversity surveys help protect ecosystems. Multi-generational living helps enhance well-being and overcome societal problems. Collaborate research with MIT is developing fluorescent trees to address the energy crisis.

As an example of a factor that supports innovations and reduce risks, Dr. Singh mentioned the 30-year warranty on all MQDC projects, helping track the application of innovations in projects to create new business opportunities and enhance knowledge in the future.

While Thailand’s real estate market faces challenges, The Forestias has received positive feedback through its well-being innovations, helping build confidence as a role model for eco-innovations to enhance the well-being of residents and create an environment that supports sustainability.

Explore RISC’s work for well-being:

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