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Hitachi and MQDC to Launch High-Tech “Placemaking 5.0” at True Digital Park

10 months ago
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  • Hitachi and MQDC to Launch High-Tech “Placemaking 5.0” at True Digital Park
Hitachi and MQDC to Launch High-Tech “Placemaking 5.0” at True Digital Park

Hitachi and MQDC to Launch High-Tech “Placemaking 5.0” at True Digital Park

1 November 2021, Bangkok – MQDC has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hitachi, through its Thai subsidiary, to create and implement the MQDC Placemaking 5.0 Digital Masterplan to turn malls and offices into integrated digital destinations that bring communities together.

Hitachi and MQDC will bring leading retail and office innovation to MQDC’s portfolio, starting in 2022 at True Digital Park (TDPK) at Punnawithi CyberTech District.

Hitachi’s technology solutions for MQDC Placemaking 5.0 include state-of-the-art infrastructure and customer experience (CX) digital solutions with highlights including: 

  • Unmanned fully automated stores with camera and point of sale (POS) technology;
             • Augmented reality smart screens, applications, and online platforms;
             • Highly personalized offers and content – improving CX through big data and analytics;
             • Tenant value-added services – new POS and last-mile automated logistics delivery solutions, omni-channel solutions, and reduced operation costs;
             • Shopper flow & sentiment analytics – utilizing facial recognition technology, cameras aid  safety and security.

    TDPK is one of Southeast Asia’s largest technology startup hubs with more than 200,000 square meters of retail, residential, and office space. An additional 80,000 square meters will open in 2022.

    The MQDC Placemaking 5.0 Digital Masterplan will bring innovative CX to transform retail and office concepts in Thailand:

“MQDC Placemaking 5.0 builds communities, providing online and offline destinations for consumers and workers to spend time,” said Mr. Kipsan Beck, President of Placemaking, MQDC.

“This partnership using Hitachi digital infrastructure will enable MQDC to first transform True Digital Park, enhancing the CX, support tenants and improve services and the revenue platform. We plan to then roll out cutting-edge technology solutions throughout our real estate portfolio including leading properties such as The Forestias – our flagship THB 125 billion (USD 4.1bn) mixed-use development completing in 2023.”

Van Tang, Director, Head of Business Development, and International Partnerships – Smart Digital Solution Business Development (SDBD), for Hitachi Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd, said: “Our partnership will help drive Thailand’s competitiveness, including deploying future-proof retail digital solutions across mega-scale Smart City transit-oriented developments in the Eastern Economic Corridor.”

MQDC was founded on the principle of “For All Well-Being”, and with the highly inclusive MQDC 5.0 Placemaking framework, both partners hope to harness the power of co-creation to drive digital innovation and create long-term sustainability in development, powering good for future generations.

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